Would you choose to have an online holistic therapy session?

“We had a meeting online yesterday on this platform called Zoom. I’d never heard or used it before, but it was amazing!”


This was a comment someone made at the beginning of lockdown, when people started getting online to connect and stay in touch with their businesses, clients and jobs.

As an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, I’ve used Zoom for several years now. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility working online gives my clients and myself to have a session, regardless of where we are.

So, when lockdown was announced, I was fortunate that nothing really changed for me and how I ran my practice. In fact, I welcomed the fact that people were forced to connect and work online because there has been a lot of resistance to the idea for many people in many different businesses - not just within the therapy world.

What are the benefits of online sessions?

I appreciate that everyone is different and not everyone enjoys connecting online. Many holistic practices are also predominantly hands-on and, for these, online services may not be possible. But, for therapy methods that are not hands-on, there are many benefits to experiencing these holistic practices online.

Support for your well-being

There has been a lot of time, money and energy over the past few years invested in making people more aware of how debilitating it is to experience mental health issues. This pandemic has only added fuel to the fire for those who already had (and for many who have never had) mental health symptoms.

I specialise in working with people who experience chronic anxiety and all the various symptoms that are associated with the condition. Being able to jump on an online call, where I can see and talk to them if they’re having an anxiety attack, has been hugely beneficial. Especially compared with just talking to them on the phone or them having to cope on their own.

The less anxious and stressed you are, the more you will benefit from your session.

You can also stay in the comfort and security of your own home. This can make such a difference to a person who suffers from agoraphobia as a result of their anxiety. Having the ability to have online therapy sessions can feel like being thrown a life belt.

You aren’t restricted by location

If you suffer from health conditions that make it difficult (or even impossible) to leave the house, having a therapy session online can be a blessing. Or, if you’re physically impaired, I know from experience that it’s not always convenient to get someone to take you to your session. When you have an online session, it’s not something you have to consider.

You can record your session

When I conduct online sessions, I’m able to record them. This is a great bonus for my clients as I’m able to give them a recording of their session. No matter how good you are at listening, when you are discussing old memories and traumas, it can be difficult to remember what was said, especially if you become upset. 

Having a recording that you can listen to at a later stage is incredibly helpful in remembering what you discussed, giving you the maximum benefit from your session. Having a recording of your sessions can be a great help in being able to control your anxiety between sessions. It’s like having a free session!

What are the disadvantages of online sessions?

Despite its advantages, some people don’t feel comfortable talking or having treatment online, and that’s fine. In those circumstances, it’s a case of being aware that the facility is there if they should ever need it.

While most platforms are fairly easy to log into, not everyone is computer literate. It can be overwhelming trying to access the platform and figuring out what you need to do to connect.

I also realise that some people may be suspicious of how safe and secure their information is when having an online session. I personally can’t give any guarantees, but there are laws that all online businesses have to meet with regards to people’s personal information. I appreciate that being hacked is possible but, since lockdown, there have been a lot of increased measures taken to protect the public’s information and privacy.

One main concern with online sessions is that you can’t have human touch. I’ve seen many comments over the past few months by people who are looking forward to being in the same room as their co-workers again. There isn’t the same energy and feel online that you get when you are in the same room with another person. But, I have personally never found that to be an issue with any of my clients.

At the end of the day, it’s about getting the help and support you need in the moment. If that means having an online session as opposed to no session, then that’s all that should matter, because your well-being should always be a priority.

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Sevenoaks TN13 & Ellesmere SY12
Written by Suzanne Ellison
Sevenoaks TN13 & Ellesmere SY12

Suzanne is an EFT practitioner who specialises in connecting the dots between your anxiety, and your physical and mental health.

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