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Quakers Hall Lane

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Quakers Hall Lane

07544 222430

About me

Using EFT to address Depression.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

If you suffer from Anxiety and Stress or Depression, to the point where it is affecting the quality of your life.   Then EFT or Tapping, as it is commonly known can help.

EFT works at an emotional level. When you try and talk yourself into feeling better, you are using the "Conscious" part of your brain and being logical. You are not addressing the emotional connection to what you are suffering from.  

EFT works on a subconscious level, but unlike Hypnosis, you are awake and very interactive with the Tapping process, so you know exactly what you are doing and saying at all times. Think of Acupuncture without the needles.

So why should you try EFT.  EFT can be used at a surface level, where you just address the symptoms such as the level of Stress that you are feeling, or that horrible knot of Anxiety that sits at the bottom of your diaphram.

If you want to get long term relief, then you can go behind the scenes and look at what is causing the symptoms in the first place. In most cases, the origin of your illness or pain will have an emotional connection. And when you Tap on those emotions, then you are addressing and releasing the root of the problem.

Here are some Testimonials from my clients (names have been changed to protect their privacy)

I went to Suzanne having unwillingly come to the end of a 12 year relationship. I was not in a very good state of mind and I had been struggling for 5 months. Suzanne offered me a course of sessions in EFT and the results were quite amazing.

She helped me find calmness and brought clarity to my mind that has previously felt clouded. She showed me how to control problems with anxiety I was experiencing and how to cope a lot better with stress. I am now able to cope with my workload a lot easier with a much clearer mind.

Family and friends have noticed a huge difference and I now feel in a much better place.

Benjamin Jacobs (UK)

I would like to thank Suzanne for being so understanding and  helping me to discuss personal issues which I find very difficult to do, and by breaking them down into small pieces which made it possible for me through the use of EFT to release negative emotions I didn’t realize I had been holding onto over many years.     Mr. GK Smith

Suzanne provided a calm environment in which I felt very safe to explore some emotional issues that had bothered me for many years. Through the use of Tapping I faced and dealt with these issues and as a result feel so much happier.

Through insightful questioning Suzanne made me see things in a far more positive way and this has shaped my thinking in many other areas of my life.

Sometimes just being able to off-load with someone independent and with whom you feel confident and safe is wonderfully cathartic.

Thank you Suzanne !

Francis Stewart

One of the many advantages of EFT is that you can learn to do it for yourself on the simpler issues in your life.   Such as...........

  • daily irritations,
  • frustration,
  • mild anxiety,
  • when you are feeling low,
  • helping you to calm down when angry
  • dealing with grief
  • mild depression

Depression is a symptom, it is not a cause, and more and more people are suffering from depression, often without even realising it. I believe that every person deserves to have a good quality of life, in terms of how they feel about themselves, but when you are dealing with

  • Stress and Anxiety,
  • Fear of Debt,
  • Not being able to lose weight and keep it off
  • Not being able to maintain a relationship

It is very easy for depression to creep in and start pulling you down. I am passionate about helping people see their lives through a better perspective and I use EFT to get to the cause so that my clients can go back to their lives with options and choices they didn't know they had before they came to me.

I have done counselling for many years, but then I was introduced to EFT and my personal experience is that EFT has the ability to work faster and at a deeper level giving solutions and relief to my clients much sooner than I use to achieve with just counselling.

Now it's for you to decide if you think EFT therapy can improve your quality of life.

To learn more about EFT and if it is the right therapy for you click on this link for the Therapy Directory article

Training, qualifications & experience

EFT Practitioner   AAMET Member
Dip C (Inst NH)
Dip Hyp (CS)

Member organisations

AAMET International

Other available therapies



Emotional Freedom Technique,



Stress and Anxiety,

Aches and Pain

Panic Attacks


Results can be achieved with 1 or 2 sessions but experience has shown that my clients get better long term results, and value with my 10 week Signature program "Tranquility"

  • Understand why you have the thoughts you do
  • How your beliefs can affect how successful you are
  • Uncover and clear the origins of  hidden resistance
  • Learn techniques you can apply to staying positive and focused
  • How to see situations  in different ways that will give you more choices
  • Clear old traumas that manifest as physical pain
  • Improve your confidence and self esteem
  • Create the Habit of Positive thinking

How you think can become habitual.  Why you think the thoughts you do and how they impact your mental and/or physical health is the main focus of this program. Giving you the knowledge and techniques that you can continue to apply and use long after you have completed the program

Due to demand I now offer a shorter 4 week program "JumpStart into Change"  which deals with the primary issue you want to address, this program still offers 1:1 coaching, Email support and Exercises

2 Day  VIP Intensive  If you are someone who likes to dive in and get fast results then this could be the program for you

Not sure which program is right for you?  Then contact me, for a 30 minute Complimentary "Breakthrough Session, to discuss any questions you have and explore various solutions depending on what results you'd like to achieve.

So that distance isn't a problem I do most of my coaching via Zoom or Skype. Please contact me on the above email or phone number.

Further information

I am happy to come to you in your home, if you live within a 10 mile radius of me. Anything over 10 miles, there would be a minimal mileage charge.

I work with many of my clients through the Internet, which means that appointment times can be a lot more flexible

I also do SKYPE and Zoom sessions.

You will also receive Tapping Scripts and/or Checklists to take home with you so that you can continue to implement what is discussed and learnt in the sessions.

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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Sevenoaks, TN13

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