Using tapping for anxiety and stress

If you are reading this you may be suffering with anxiety and stress and wondering, how on earth can tapping on your body eliminate the anxiety and stress symptoms we experience, on a daily basis.

For myself, I suffered horrendous anxiety. I mean, if we actually were to write down every anxiety symptom I probably had them all. I had a fear of choking, panic attacks, OCD, irrational thoughts... you get the idea. 

So, one day I went to see a guy for tapping (this was over 10 years ago) and I had heard amazing things. After my first session, I felt a little more in control. Anytime I started to experience anxiety, I would do the basic tapping sequence and it became a coping mechanism.

However, what we want to do is to find the root of the problem. 

Did you know that most of our anxieties come from below seven years of age? This is because as a small child, we have no filter. We don't know right from wrong and we are still learning. As a child, we can experience trauma, or even something so insignificant can shape our belief systems and our behaviours. Crazy right? 

What happens is as we grow up, we go about our lives and some people never get triggered. It can take just one thing, to trigger our subconscious to take us right back to being that very very small child. 

Then bam, we get stressed, anxious, depressed and we don't know why?

Using tapping (EFT) we have the ability to work with the subconscious, whilst tapping on different acupressure points and tuning in to the problem, to dig deep and find out where the issue has started from. 

Sometimes memories pop up and we are like, "No that's not relevant!" Not to the conscious and not to your older-self. Remember though, to a small child things may seem huge and the small thing can be really traumatic and significant when you are a lot younger. 

Using the basic tapping sequence we then work with the younger memory. 

Anxiety is extremely common, but it's also easy to treat with the right help. Our bodies contain over 2,000+ acupressure points and 12 main meridians and using tapping you can start to unblock the energy trapped inside your body that is blocking your energy system! 

If you are considering tapping, or are a little unsure - all I can say is "Give it a go!" you will be amazed at how powerful tapping can be. 

It is something you can do at home or alone, or when you are out and about. Tapping is a toolbox, you will never live without.

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