Reflexology and Reiki healing

Reflexology and Reiki are both wonderful treatments on their own. But, what are the benefits when these two therapies are brought together?


What are the benefits of reflexology?

Reflexology is very relaxing. Having 50 minutes or an hour to recline in a reflexology chair while a skilled therapist releases tension in the reflexology points in your feet is sheer bliss.

Releasing this tension, which has built up over time, allows the energy trapped in those reflexology points to release. Once that energy is released, the body can then begin to heal itself. Some clients feel an immediate relief (for example, when shoulder tension is relaxed,) while others notice changes in their symptoms a day or two later.

Some feel very tired at first, while others feel an energetic boost. Tiredness comes about as the body lets go of tension, similar to how we feel the first few days of a holiday.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki healing can take us deep into a trance-like state. In this state, our body feels separate from our mind. The practitioner can then work to balance the energies of mind, body and spirit as the mind chatter of the conscious mind is asleep. This is similar to what happens in meditation and hypnotherapy.

We return to waking consciousness feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed. Changes in physical symptoms can also be apparent over a period of days and sometimes longer.

What happens when you experience Reiki and reflexology together?

When these two treatments are combined in one session, it can be very beneficial and extremely effective for a range of symptoms.

Reflexology is used to target known areas of physical discomfort and to allow the body’s energy pathways to open, so you are then ready to receive healing. Reiki takes the treatment deeper. It is possible that the treatment may end with some reflexology on your feet, to help you fully 'ground'.

This combination is a subtle, yet powerful, way of accelerating the body’s healing process.

When a reflexologist is also a qualified Reiki practitioner, some Reiki will always be added through the feet - even if you only book a reflexology session. But, when reflexology and Reiki are deliberately combined, the relaxation is often much deeper and may even create a quicker response time.

Using Reiki and reflexology together offers a unique holistic healing experience, which works on both a physical and emotional level. Each therapy enhances the other, working in harmony to relax, clear, re-balance and restore.

Taking time out to take care for your wellness needs is always beneficial. Booking holistic therapies on a regular basis can help to prevent many ailments, as it lowers our stress levels - something that has long been known by holistic therapists, but is only starting to be recognised by now. The ability to experience two healing therapies at once is a wonderful opportunity to better your self-care practice.

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