Reiki and challenges

Well, what a start to the New year! I have breast cancer and I am having a Lumpectomy and lymph gland removal on 10 January. It’s funny but I never imagined I would have cancer at my age (75) my boobs are very small and I hardly ever wore a bra, but cancer doesn’t discriminate, or any other illness for that matter.


I didn’t check very often as I thought it wouldn’t happen to me.. .wrong! The RUH Breast clinic in Bath were amazing and very quick, kindness and compassion prevailed, I didn’t feel ill or unwell so was amazed when I was told the news.

Reiki came into its own, I practice every day anyway as Reiki is my life, and I had so many good wishes from my students and Reiki treatments from someone very special. The Precepts instructed me:

  • no anger
  • no worry
  • being true to who I am
  • being grateful
  • being compassionate to myself and others

They mean so much and what an honour to embrace the system of Reiki at this momentous time. Self-treating and the deep breathing of Joshin Koku HO took me through easily and calmly. Letting go of all the attachments and stress really is the key to good health. I am very fit and walk miles every day, I swim miles also as I am a trained swimmer, all these elements help us to be in good health.

As I said previously illness doesn’t discriminate, but being positive and fit will always help the medical process. Reiki and thinking outside the ‘box’ with compassion, kindness, peace, love and understanding will always help us to be centred and calm. Reiki is not ‘hands-on healing’ it is our lifestyle, being kind to ourselves and flooding the world (Pema Chodron) is essential for our well-being and spirit.

Our mind needs to relax, so we let it relax, not thinking, letting the mind rest in its own natural way. We suffer pain and, in my case, cancer but to let our mind drift into ‘wanting’ or not ‘wanting’ means we have no control and the negativity wins. We must flow with life, not being angry and worried, and fearful of life that is fear of the fear.
Life is full of challenges, it’s almost a test. In my view, if we just get on with the challenges, meditating, deep breathing, and just ‘being’ in this way energy and life will flow as naturally as the whisper of the wind in the trees.

Every one of us has problems of one kind or another, and how we handle them is entirely up to us. Medicine is a must in a lot of cases, but our spiritual selves are just as important, we need the balance without which we will not survive.

Without the five elements earth, water, fire, air and spirit, we wouldn’t survive, each one of them is as important as the other, and missing one would cancel survival.

So in conclusion, always smile, laugh and be kind, accept the challenge in the best way we can. Practice Reiki in all its simplicity look at the teachings of Mikao Usui, he was very wise and complete. The teachings go back to ancient times, simplicity, not robots as we are sadly becoming. Look at the Esoteric teachings we will learn greatly from them.
I am cancer free.
Love Jenny xx

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Corsham SN13
Written by Jenny Newman, Connect With Reiki Reiki master/Teacher
Corsham SN13

Jenny Newman is a graduate teacher of the International House of Reiki and has been teaching for 20 years years. Jenny continues to study every year with her teacher Frans Steine, and through this study and research, she has gone to a very deep level within the system of Reiki, teaching the ancient and traditional Japanese perspective.

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