What is spiritual/energy healing?

Written by Katherine Nicholls
Katherine Nicholls
Therapy Directory Content Team

If you’re interested in dipping your toe into the world of spiritual and energy healing, you’re in the right place. Here we will explore what spiritual and energy healing is, different types of healing practices and how to find the right healer for you.

What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing can be seen as a way of us reconnecting with our true selves, or our ‘soul’. It is also seen as a practice to restore and bring balance to our souls, improving overall well-being. For some, spiritual healing is part of a longer journey to spiritual awakening, where you’re called to a higher consciousness and have your worldview shifted.

While spirituality can be associated with religion, spiritual healing is not typically linked to any particular religion. Instead, it draws on universal or ‘divine’ energy to support the work. The premise is that a spiritual healer can channel this energy and direct it to where it’s needed in a person’s body to help them restore balance and reconnect with their soul. 

There are many different types of spiritual healers, including shamanic healers and even some psychotherapists who use spiritual healing within their work. While many will have different approaches and use different techniques, the philosophy generally stays the same, along with the ultimate aim of spiritual healing. 

Within this work, some people look at ‘soul healing’ practices to support the spiritual healing they’re receiving. This includes self-help techniques designed to reconnect you with your soul and promote self-love, like affirmations, journaling, and meditation.

Affirmations are prayers and resolutions that help us shift our awareness and go deeper into our subconscious mind – reprogramming it, and overcoming the Ego’s restrictive thought patterns that make us feel that we are not enough and not worthy of love.

- Reiki practitioner Shereen Öberg

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is very similar to spiritual healing and some may use the terms interchangeably. In energy healing, it’s believed that illness can be caused by a disruption of energy in the body. Energy healers will use different techniques (including drawing on universal/divine energy) to remove blockages, restore energy flow and encourage natural healing. 

This premise is an ancient one that spans different modalities and cultures. Some follow the theory that we have energy centres in the body, known as chakras, which affect different areas of our lives. Others (especially in Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM) believe we have energy channels in the body, called meridians, which can become blocked.

Who can benefit from spiritual/energy healing?

Because both energy and spiritual healing is non-intrusive and gentle, it can be beneficial to anyone. It is a holistic approach and can support a range of concerns, from physical pain and illness to emotional distress.

This type of healing is a complementary therapy, and it’s encouraged that you try this alongside other medical support recommended by your doctor. Many people come to spiritual/energy healing when other approaches haven’t helped, however, or to support ongoing treatment. 

What does it feel like to have spiritual/energy healing?

The process of a spiritual or energy healing session is likely to be incredibly relaxing and restorative. You may experience an emotional release, noticing things coming up you had previously shied away from. Even if this happens, you should leave the session feeling safe, calm, and in-tune with yourself.

Many people report sensations during energy healing, including warmth, tingling, and a sense of movement. You don’t have to physically feel it for the healing to work, however. 

Types of spiritual/energy healing

There are many different types of spiritual and energetic healing approaches to explore. Below are some you might want to consider:


person having reiki

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reflexology session

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acupuncture needles

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Crystal healing

crystal healing session

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Pranic healing


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Sound therapy

sound healing session

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Does spiritual/energy healing really work?

Going into a spiritual or energy healing session with an open mind can make a big difference in its effectiveness. There are limited studies on how effective these techniques are and there are theories about the Placebo effect having a role to play. Even if this is the case, many people report feeling better after sessions and if that’s what you’re looking for, the mechanics of how it’s worked don’t necessarily matter. 

As the industry is unregulated, anyone can call themselves an energy healer. This means it can be important to do a little research before working with someone to ensure they work in a way that resonates with you, and that they have experience and qualifications in the therapy they’re advertising. 

How to find a healer

Here at Therapy Directory, we verify that therapists are qualified, have insurance, and/or are registered with a professional body. You can use our search tool to browse therapists and read more about the way they work on their profiles. When you’ve found someone you connect with, you can reach out to them to discuss working together and to learn more about the healing they offer. 

Whether this is the first step of your journey or simply another step towards your true self, taking the time to prioritise your needs is truly good for the soul. 

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