Affirmations for self-love and relationships

I grew up in Sweden, with Kurdish parents, and was always interested in reading and learning new things. I loved studying as a child and young adult, and I worked very hard to get good grades to get into the high school and university that I was hoping to attend. In the final year of my Master’s studies in business and IT, I unsuspectedly got the job of my dreams and started working at an international corporation in Ireland. 

I had finally achieved what I had worked so hard for and always thought that I wanted, but for some reason, the move and the new job quickly became something completely different from what I’d imagined. I thought that I would find happiness in achieving these goals in life, but my mind and thoughts were constantly stressed, worried and negative.

I could not relax, my sleep got affected and I started feeling isolated and alone. I started to feel detached from my body and I was constantly in my mind thinking and worrying about work and life in general. My whole heart and soul were telling me that I was not on the right path, but I had not yet learned to listen. 

Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I had always had faith and belief in something greater and I was drawn to spirituality naturally. As I was going through the process of understanding that what I’ve always thought would bring me happiness didn’t, I had the opportunity to start diving deep into my soul and discover the incredible yet untapped power, that everyone has. This was the power of our own energy, emotions and thoughts.

I dedicated myself, as a means to decrease stress in my life, to start meditating and I was listening to positive affirmations daily by Louise Hay. I started uncovering deep and hidden wounds that were affecting my thoughts and making me feel and think negatively about myself, my body, my life and my career. Through yoga, meditation and positive affirmations, my life started shifting and changing and one day, I felt an urge to start sharing what I had learned with others to help them on their paths. In 2014, the Law of Positivism was born.

The Law of Positivism

The Law of Positivism has been a huge part of my journey. I created the pillars that were the foundation of my personal work; energy, mind, body and soul and gratitude. 

I found that the first part that needed to heal was my sense of self-love and self-acceptance. Just the realisation of this helped me so much in furthering forward on my journey. I started having more magical and synchronistic events in my life and since then, I live and make decisions from my heart and not my mind. At least I try to, and when I don’t, life and the Universe reminds me to get back to this space over and over. 

The Law of Positivism will teach you how to fully blossom into the positive, free, blissful soul you were born to be. Here is your invitation to remember who, and how powerful you truly are.

When I started to have a healthy relationship with myself, allowing and accepting myself to be free without restrictions or limitations, I started having healthy relationships with others. When I started loving and accepting myself fully, I started loving and accepting others unconditionally as well. This also meant nourishing myself and knowing what kind of relationships were healthy and the ones that were not. 

In my book, The Law of Positivism – Live a life of higher vibrations, love and gratitude, I share the importance of becoming the master of one’s own mind by practising meditation and mindfulness. Our mind can become like a cluttered computer if we don’t cleanse and reprogram it throughout our lives.

We take everything that we have seen and heard, and make it into our own thoughts and beliefs. We start identifying heavily with our body and thoughts so much that we forget that we are souls embodied and incarnated into this world. The world is made up of our own perception and when we detach from the physical, we start becoming the ‘experiencer’ instead of the experience itself. Others become not separate from us, but reflections of ourselves and also a reflection of the entire Universe. We start seeing ourselves in everything and everyone that we meet. 

I also write about having healthy boundaries in relationships – what it means to love and nurture yourself unconditionally, and how this can help you to truly know what type of relationship you need. When you work on developing self-love, you also develop a higher sense of intuition of what you want to call into your life, including relationships. Meaningful relationships are uplifting, synchronistic, divine and the embodiment of love. They are free from judgment, control, lack-mentality and fear. They reflect our relationship with the divine and the unconditional love of the Mother. 

Our relationships truly reflect our inner world and our relationship with ourselves. So when we are in a state of positive thinking about ourselves; our body, our achievements, our flaws and of life in general, we start creating so much more gratitude from within that overflows to our external life. 

When I started my journey, practising positive affirmations, meditation, yoga and listening to uplifting talks, I started to see things shift around me and I also attracted the right relationships into my life. I became more aware of what I didn’t need and released which were taking up space for love. 

5 affirmations for self-love

You can start a simple loving affirmation practice by repeating these affirmations, morning and evening, to program your mind and energy vibration to a more loving state: 

  • I am worthy of love 
  • I am worthy of being loved and love 
  • I am perfect and loved at all times 
  • I am beautiful as I am the reflection of the Universe 
  • I am Divine love 

Affirmations are prayers and resolutions that help us shift our awareness and go deeper into our subconscious mind – reprogramming it, and overcoming the Ego’s restrictive thought patterns that make us feel that we are not enough and not worthy of love. You are worthy and it is your birthright to be happy, love and be loved, and have beautiful relationships in your life, with yourself, others and with life itself. The relationship you have with yourself and the divine is eternal, and so is your higher Self. Remind yourself of this every day and you will feel abundant and blissful.

Want to know more about affirmations? On Happiful, we share eight affirmations you can practise every day to bring about positive change and manage daily stressors.

Shereen Öberg is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki III practitioner, doula and the creator of the Law of Positivism website and podcast.

Her book, The Law of Positivism – Live a life of higher vibrations, love and gratitude, is available to pre-order now, or purchase from 22 June 2021 (Hay House UK, £10.99).

Article updated 29th November 2022

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Written by Shereen Oberg
Shereen Öberg is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki III practitioner, doula and the creator of the Law of Positivism website and podcast.

Written by Shereen Oberg

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