Chakras and why they need clearing and balancing

Open, clear, and balanced chakras support our physical body in many ways. They help our immune system to work at its optimum, they encourage steady blood flow which in turn benefits the health of our internal organs, and they give us the ability to handle stress and our emotions more effectively.


So, what are chakras? Simply put, chakras are wheels of energy that act as pumps, valves, or mini engine rooms, regulating the flow of energy through our entire energy system. The word ‘chakra’ comes from the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’, which relates to the circular flow of energy within a chakra.

We are all made up of energy held within a physical body. We have hundreds of smaller chakras throughout our bodies but, at the very core of our bodies, there is a channel of pure energy, which is generated by the seven main energy chakras.

What are the seven chakras?

Each of the seven main chakras is associated with an aspect of your consciousness. 

  • Crown chakra (top of the head) - our spirituality, our sense of direction in life.
  • Third eye/brow chakra (between the brows) - our intuition, our thoughts.
  • Throat chakra (centre of the throat) - our communication, speaking our truth.
  • Heart chakra (centre of the chest) - our ability to love and be loved, relationships.
  • Solar plexus chakra (below the ribs) - our ego, self-esteem, who we are, creativity.
  • Sacral chakra (below the belly button) - our sexuality, yin-yang energies, emotions.
  • Root/base chakra (base of the spine) - our survival, security, and being safe/grounded.

How do our chakras become blocked?

Our chakras can become blocked when we have negative feelings or thoughts that become lodged in the chakra that connects to that specific part of our consciousness. This causes a reduction in healthy energy flow.

We can also pick up negative energy from being in crowded places, such as on the tube, where we find ourselves squashed close to people and, therefore, in their aura/energy system. When this happens, we become at risk of picking up their negative energies.

When chakras become blocked, it can become hard to cope with certain aspects of life. Depending on which chakra is blocked, you may find it comes out as a physical symptom, as each chakra also corresponds with a major nerve plexus in the body. This means that a physical symptom can arise from an emotional issue, or simply tension in that particular part of your consciousness.

How can I balance my chakras?

You can clear and balance your chakras with Reiki, crystal healing or sound healing treatments, which all work on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. You can also seek guidance on learning chakra-clearing meditations so that you can work on this yourself on a regular basis.

Having clear and balanced chakras brings spiritual, emotional, and physical balance, helping us walk more calmly through life with a wonderful sense of peace and serenity.

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Written by B-j Raben, Sophiero Healing
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I'm a Reiki master/teacher, crystal healer and meditation teacher providing relaxing treatments and coaching for all ages. I can support issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, high blood pressure, injuries, those undergoing on-going medical treatment and more. Based in Streatham, London SW16. For more info:

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