Reiki and aromatherapy

Today I would like to share with you a nice and effective combination between two therapies, Reiki and aromatherapy.

First of all we need to establish that in Reiki treatments/sessions, manipulation (as we know as massage) do not apply. So, how to use aromatherapy in a Reiki treatment/session without massage?

Essential oils have volatile properties and they can be experienced through our olfactory system. We know that olfactory system have a strict link with our memory, very easy to be accessed, our primary memory.

The first impression of the world it is made by smell, our mother skin, milk, on so on. Our experiences are easy linked using a smell like reference.

To set up a treatment using both therapies, in one hand the power of essential oils scent and in the other, Reiki - where our energy can be balanced. It can be very effective.

It is very important to run a confidential consultation with care, listening to the client, and together select the essential oils that it will be blend into base/carrier oil. After that, the therapist can put the client in a comfortable position. The therapist will apply this blend in their hands and smooth the client aura. Alternatively, the therapist may add the mix into a spray bottle and spray around clients body, never over them, and we can performance Reiki treatment as usual. Our hands will be impregnated with the blend, helping the clients body absorb the whole benefits of both beautiful and complementary therapies and also being part of their own healing process.

A unique experience for both the client and therapist!

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