Increase your Reiki energy flow: The heart chakra

In this article, we will talk about how the heart chakra works, what happens when your heart is wounded and the different types of healing the heart chakra needs. 


What is the heart chakra?

The heart chakra is your fourth chakra, located in the middle of your seven chakras, to bring balance and flow to your energy body. A healthy heart chakra helps you live a life filled with love, compassion and harmony.

It is always assumed in western society that our brain is our most important organ but, in fact, we are built to live from our heart centre and not our brains. The heart chakra is a huge portal of energy coming out from your body like a doughnut. The heart has the most powerful electromagnetic field of all the chakras.

It is a torus shape field, continually moving and flowing forth energy from within, up and around, refreshing as it moves like a 3D mandala kaleidoscope. The torus is made up of two flows of energy – one upwards and the other outwards – and they represent the balance between the male and female energies in us. This field affects every cell in our body and travels outside of our bodies by at least three feet.

Social communication

It is the heart field extending outside our bodies that is active in social situations. This field enables us to ‘read’ a situation, to tell how someone is feeling – whether they are sad, angry or alone. It also enables us to judge the truth of what they are saying so it affects our relationships. The heart is in continual conversation with our brain, who supports it – not the other way around.

Heart coherence is about a balance between our heart, mind and emotions that leads to a healthy life of emotional stability and improved mental functioning, like being calm and focused. Heart entrainment is about the heart beating in harmony with the rest of the body. It is the optimum place we should all strive to be. An example is when you look at a deer and you become still, quiet and calm. This is much healthier for our bodies rather than the racing heart due by being around someone who is angry, anxious or overly busy. 

The heart chakra is placed more in the centre of your chest than your heart organ and is in your etheric body, which means in the spirit realm just outside of your physical body. The energy from the heart flows into our heart and lungs and down our arms and hands, influencing our sense of touch. It also flows up into the thymus gland, which is between the heart and the collarbone.

The thymus gland is considered the place of your higher heart, which should be connected energetically to your higher mind – located at the top of your head and the portal through which you can access your soul.

The heart chakra links our earthly existence and our spiritual existence. We are meant to have a spiritual side to our lives and, from there, we find true happiness and fulfilment. We should be able to go deep into our heart chakra during meditation like a portal, but this often gets blocked by life’s negative experiences.

The wounded heart

We all have an inner voice which should encourage and support us during life. Some people do very well in life because their inner voice functions as it should, with a constant flow of loving-kindness to self. Is your inner voice kind? Or is it hard and berating?

All of us have experienced wounds to the heart, which have blocked the flow of energy, but some of these wounds are more severe and need attention.

A wounded heart can have the effect of causing your inner voice to become your harshest critic, continually berating you and destroying your self-worth and confidence, so that you are unable to step out into your power and enjoy a joy-filled life.

As you do deeper work on the heart, it may become apparent that this voice is similar to that of a parent or authority figure during your childhood or adolescence. Sometimes these voices are called 'shadows', which form part of your ego. It is important that these shadow parts are healed because they will hold you back from stepping forward into your dreams and life goals.

Healing the wounded heart

Healing the deep wounds of the heart will cause this voice to shift from your worst critic to your most loving, caring and supportive life partner. Many people know when their heart is wounded and it can feel like it is in pain all of the time, and they may even say they have a broken heart.

This deep wound may consist of many painful, individual wounds. EFT allows you to access these wounds via your subconscious mind and, just like any wound, as the pus comes out and the tears flow, your heart will begin to heal.

Working with advanced EFT techniques, such as matrix reimprinting, will help you to change and rewrite any negative programming or beliefs you made at the time the wound was inflicted. It is possible to use EFT with the healing field, which is a field of consciousness around the planet, working with beings to support your healing, such as angels.

Other wounds that can affect the heart are feeling of powerlessness, fear, terror, and anxiety, including separation anxiety, at the time of your birth. A lot of research in recent years of the effect of trauma in utero has caused a greater understanding of how this trauma can have a serious impact on a person’s life and, by healing those wounds, can cause profound changes for a person.

Release positive energy

It is also important to release a flow of positive energy of love, joy, serenity, harmony and calmness throughout your chakras and meridians at the end of any heart work, to promote healing to the heart and life energy restoration.

By flooding your being with these positive emotions, your self-esteem and self-confidence can begin to be restored. When the heart wounds begin to heal, there is an increase in the flow of life energy throughout our bodies. Our lives can attract increased vibrations of happiness and joy. It also feels really wonderful. 

Crystals to help the heart

Rose Quartz is a lovely calming crystal for the heart and this comes in various sizes and even lamps. It has a lovely pink colour which is very soothing for the heart. The energy of this crystal works specifically on the heart chakra soothing and increasing flow.

If someone is very upset, you can hold even small tumble stones to the heart area which will absorb the negative energy. Just remember to let the stone rest afterwards on a windowsill in the sun or moonlight. If you are sensitive, you can feel the stone and sense when it is full and needs to rest.

Amethyst crystal comes in different shades from a lovely light lilac to more of a dark purple. The energy from this crystal works on the whole body by balancing the flow of energy through all the chakras.

Another option is an Aqua Marine crystal, which works by pushing negative energy out of your body. Or, a Himalayan salt lamp is also very soothing and relaxing for the heart and your environment.

If you'd like to learn more about the chakras and crystals, connect with a healer to start your journey. 

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