How Access Bars® changed my life

In 2019, I was dealing with the aftermath of a difficult year, when my eldest son (age 21) was diagnosed with ADD, my mother had two strokes, and my father died. As well as grieving for my father, I remember feeling very anxious and worried about my son's future and my mother's health. The range of emotions I was experiencing left me feeling exhausted, drained and powerless. I was living in my head, having difficulty switching it off, obviously not a great space to be in, especially as a holistic therapist!


The universe must have heard my prayers and plea for help, which took me to a physic fair to promote my business. The energy of the place was healing and nurturing; just what was needed.

As I was preparing my space for the clients arriving, I felt this energy pulling me towards a lady next to me who was an Access Bars® facilitator. She was setting up a promotional banner with head charts that had all these points on it like sadness, joy, communication, and more.

I was intrigued with the head chart and this led me to ask her questions about the modality. "Access Bars®," she said "helps to release all the thoughts we have swirling around in our head, it's like resetting the hard drive in your brain." Wow, I thought I would like some of that, please.

In no time I was on the massage couch with her hands on my head lightly touching certain points of my scalp. The touch was light, gentle and non-invasive. I didn't have to talk about my story, it was not important or relevant, now was the moment to just be.

My head was no longer looping with the same old thoughts, my body started to relax, my breathing slowed down I was no longer in flight-or-fight mode. My parasympathetic nervous system was doing its job.

There was a space in my head that I had not experienced before. Everything felt OK, I was going to be OK, I felt a sense of peace and calm in my head and my world. I allowed myself to receive the naturing, peace and calm that I so desired rather than going in my head to fix the problem. I was in a different space, something had dynamically shifted I was no longer the same person that laid on the bed before the session.

This modality rocked my world, as Reiki healing did many moons ago. I had a very strong pull to learn it and share it with the world. 

Since learning Access Bars®, my life has changed dynamically on all levels. I have engaged in a lot of different self-development techniques in the past and I must say Access Bars® has created the most change for me in the shortest timeframe. 

I am more conscious and present with my life, there is more ease in my world, more awareness, less judgement for me and my choices, more joy, lightness and happiness. I am so grateful to have found Access Bars®.

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Clapham, London, SW4 7SS
Written by Maria Cooper-Gomes, Reiki Master & Access Bars Faciliator
Clapham, London, SW4 7SS

Maria was Beauty Therapist in her 20s. In her 30s, she worked in the social care sector working with young people, homeless, adults in a rehabilitation centre and Lewisham Hospital all who had substance misuse issues.

Training: Reiki Master, Counselling Theory and Studies, Access Bars® Facilitator, Indian Head Massage CHNC FHT registered.

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