Crystals for children’s mental health

Whether it’s developmental problems such as speech and language, a behavioural condition like ADHD or problems with anxiety and stress, the gentle approach to healing that underpins crystal therapy can make it a highly effective method for supporting children’s emotional well-being.

Crystals on a plate

Crystal healing is an energy-based system, meaning that it’s based on a belief that, over the millions of years crystals take to form, their layers acquire and store energy. Crystal healing recognises us human beings as collections of different energy. When that energy becomes blocked through negative thought, stress, emotional upheaval, etc. it can cause physical and mental illness. It is thought that different crystals can unblock and rebalance our energy where it is most needed in the body, supporting its healing process. 

Research into crystal healing is virtually non-existent, and a commonly held hypothesis is that crystals produce a placebo effect. What we do know is that they are a safe form of holistic therapy for children having been used for centuries, and they can be highly comforting.

Here we’re going to look at how to use crystals for children with specific behaviours or problems, and how they can support emotional well-being and whole-body health.

Crystals for ADHD

Behavioural and developmental concerns can be really difficult for children to navigate and they may struggle socially and emotionally as a result. We’re going to look at how neurodivergence like ADHD could benefit from crystal healing.


Amazonite is a crystal known for its soothing properties and can be particularly helpful for children who have ADHD. The stone balances mood swings and works in harmony with the nervous system to restore its balance and dispel any blockages. 

With ADHD, some people find it difficult to see things from a different perspective or allow others their points of view. Whilst Amazonite encourages self-expression, it also helps children gain new perspectives and acknowledge balanced discussions.

Blue lace agate 

The light and medium blue stones of the blue lace agate may be helpful in children with ADHD as it is known for dissolving the urgent need to react.

Crystals for anxiety

These days, children are confronted with a lot. Sadly, anxiety levels in children remain high and this can be especially frightening for children if they don’t recognise anxiety or have trouble expressing themselves.


Amethyst is the go-to crystal when it comes to anxiety and is a great beginner crystal. It is a meditative stone known for its gentle energy and soothing and calming properties. It’s also highly spiritual, so can help children tap into their intuition and connect with their higher self. You could pop the stone under your child’s pillow at night to help calm anxiety when drifting off to sleep.


Sodalite could also be helpful in quelling anxiety as it’s known for its centring qualities, bringing balance, focus and rational thought to the mind. This crystal encourages orderly thinking, so if your child struggles with racing, chaotic thoughts, sodalite could help to restore balance.

Crystals for children with anger

Children can often become angry and frustrated for a variety of reasons, and many have difficulty expressing their anger, which is an emotion we know is healthy and essential for emotional well-being.

Using crystal healing may help your child learn how to express anger in a healthy way, and manage it.


Ideal for transforming anger and releasing resentment, Peridot possesses soothing energies that help bring about calm and clarity. This green beauty is also helpful for jealousy which your child may struggle with in friendships and sibling relationships. It is also helpful in providing protection for the heart, and protecting your child from hurtful comments.


The tranquil white stone Howlite can be particularly effective for calming anger. Encourage your children to hold the stone in their hands and take a few deep breaths, focusing solely on the breath. Its calming, tranquil presence can help decrease critical thinking and quieten the mind. Howlite is also connected to the crown chakra, bringing peace to the mind and allowing patience to prevail.

Crystals for children’s sleep

If your child is struggling to sleep or experiencing frightening nightmares, crystal healing could help calm the mind before bed and provide a sense of protection.


Moonstone is a ‘new beginnings’ stone, known to promote inner strength, rebalance emotions and provide stability and calmness. You could rub the stone on your child’s forehead just before bedtime to help ward off any nightmares.

Black tourmaline

Known as the ultimate stone of protection, black tourmaline can be particularly helpful for children with nightmares. It can help children feel safe, confident and grounded, and its gentle energies help to protect against negative energy.

Crystals for speech delay

If your child is struggling with speech and language delays, crystals that align with the throat chakra may be helpful in unblocking any energy or imbalances to encourage communication skills.

Lapis lazuli

The striking deep-blue stone lapis lazuli has been used for centuries as the stone of good communication. It is believed that the stone unblocks the throat chakra, and it can be highly effective to combine this stone with meditation. Placing the stone near your child’s throat or whilst spending a few minutes meditating can help to promote self-expression and clear communication.

Blue kyanite

The Earth stone, blue kyanite is again thought to open the throat chakra, but is also associated with improving your intuitive abilities. Ideally, Blue kyanite would be worn as a necklace (close to the throat chakra) and can be helpful in improving speech and learning a new language. Interestingly, this stone doesn’t accumulate negative energies (like amethyst) so it doesn’t need to be cleansed or cleaned. 

How to choose crystals for your children

It’s important to work with your child to get them involved in choosing the crystals they connect with. It’s best practice to choose new crystals for your children due to their ability to store energy, and always cleanse them in clean water to recharge them. This can be a great activity for kids and helps them to attune to crystal healing. For safety, make sure crystals are tumbled to prevent small pieces from breaking off, and always supervise when wearing necklaces and jewellery.

If you think crystal healing may help your child and are looking to get in touch with a verified crystal healer, use the advanced search tool to find a practitioner. Browse through profiles and simply click ‘message me’ when you find a healer that resonates with you.

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This article was last updated on 08/12/22

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Written by Katie Hoare
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Written by Katie Hoare
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