What is the Energy Alignment Method®?

Imagine having the ability to find and remove hidden issues and direct your energy, thoughts and emotions, so that they serve you and help you to turn your dreams into reality. What if you could tune into your inner guidance, reconnect with yourself and live, knowing in your heart, that everything is going to be alright?

Sounds nice, right? The thing is, most people are living ‘out of flow’. We commonly call this stress, which affects over 78% of people every day. Right now, that figure is at an all-time high! Science shows our flow state affects our energy, thinking, emotions and health. In fact, it’s thought that stress is the number one cause of 60% of all human illnesses.

In energy psychology, we call this state ‘resistance’ or ‘incoherence’, often created by hidden memories or traumatic experiences from the past or prolonged periods of enduring situations, emotions or beliefs in our everyday life. If this is left unchecked, this stress begins to develop into negative emotions, limited mindset and poor health. 

When you find flow, stress disappears, your body heals, you feel more positive and motivated and can handle life challenges.

We’ve all experienced state resistance – when your mind is filled with repetitive thoughts, consumed with negativity, carrying heavy emotional pain, and the bed feels like the safest place to stay. Do you recognise that feeling? If you’re wondering whether you’re in resistance right now, or have been before, here are a few clues:

  • you’re feeling stuck in the past
  • you’re staying in painful, unstable relationships
  • you’re experiencing physical pain or tiredness
  • you feel confused or indecisive
  • you’re failing to act or procrastinating
  • you make harsh self-judgements
  • you’re feeling unworthy or not good enough
  • you experience feelings of being overwhelmed, guilt, blame, shame, jealousy, stress or anxiety

What is flow?

Flow is those moments when you feel in tune with life and everything seems effortless and easy. It is a physiologically measurable energetic state within your body, and it influences and creates every aspect of our lives. Scientifically, flow creates measurable changes throughout your physical body. These not only resolve stress, tension, anxiety but also promote healing, feelings of calm, happiness and love. It feels like bliss! 

When you find flow, stress disappears, your body heals, you feel more positive and motivated and can handle life challenges. 

Everything is energy – including you and me.

The Energy Alignment Method®

This understanding is key to the Energy Alignment Method®. EAM is a quick and simple transformational five-step self-help technique you can use to release resistant or negative energy, thoughts and emotions, then reprogram yourself to create a flow state around anything you face in life. 

Here is a simple insight into what happens with the five steps:

  1. Ask: You ask your subconscious a question.
  2. Move: Your energy field will respond.
  3. Experience: Get clear about how it affects your energy. 
  4. Transform: Release what stands in your way.
  5. Manifest: Create a new thought, belief, pattern, emotion or experience.

However, there is much more to EAM than this. It is:

  • Designed to find and release the energetic cause of stress and feelings of being overwhelmed and out of flow.
  • A powerful energy tool designed to shift your energy, thoughts and emotions on every level of your energy field. 
  • A Law of Attraction method that helps to explicitly change your energy and get in flow so you can ask for what you want and get it!
  • Designed to put you back in charge of your health. By working on energy, thoughts and emotions first, you can prevent illnesses.
  • An accredited methodology. 
  • A life coaching model, where you are supported on a journey to change your life. 
  • A holistic healing therapy, similar to acupuncture, Reiki, or reflexology, that can be used as a self-help technique or as therapeutic practice with an EAM mentor. 

EAM may also be different to other methods you’ve seen. It’s more than just a mindset technique. Unlike some other practices, it works with energy. Our mindset is just one expression of who we are – by working on energy, you work on it all. And, it’s more than a quick fix or manifesting technique. Yes, it can be used for those things. Yes, transformations are quick, yet with EAM, the changes are often deep and lasting.

With EAM, there is no need to trawl back through the past, childhood or memories to place blame. EAM does not relive traumatic situations or even ‘talk it out’. It’s more than a self-help technique; it’s a way of life. Just learning it doesn’t create the change. Using it every day in your life, however, will. 

Most self-help modalities fall into one of two camps; they focus on releasing the negative, or they focus on creating the positive. To truly change your life, we have to do both; it’s like the Yin and Yang of transformation – one cannot exist without the other. First, we must let go of what holds us back. Then, we have space for reprogramming ourselves to create new thoughts, beliefs, emotions and change our life experience.  

Get ready to change your life

The truth is, you can create anything you want in life, regardless of what is happening. This means living in flow, being true to ourselves, listening in and focusing on what we want, what we think, how we feel and where we are heading. 

EAM is about creating real-life changes rather than quick-fix solutions. Like all things worth doing, it takes a little practice and dedication, but the results are worth it.

Yvette Taylor is the founder of The Energy Alignment Method. Check out her book, The Energy Alignment Method (Welbeck Balance, £14.99).

This article was reviewed on 21/12/22

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Written by Yvette Taylor
Yvette Taylor is the creator of the Energy Alignment Method®. Her book, The Energy Alignment Method, is out May 2021 (Welbeck Balance, £14.99).
Written by Yvette Taylor
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