How to create a mini Swedish spa at home

Life post-lockdown can feel like an anxious time. Of course, as we continue to adjust to the ‘new normal’, feelings of anxiety and overwhelm are to be somewhat expected. But what is clear, is that it has become essential to look after our minds and bodies by finding ways to create moments of calm.

One country whose wellness practices we can look to (and take inspiration from) is Sweden. From the land of the midnight sun in the far north to the sandy coastline of the south, Sweden is a country that takes its leisure-time and spa visits very seriously.

Below you will find expert tips from Swedish beauty experts Oriflame, for creating mini Swedish Spa moments to help you lay back, breathe and indulge in a little Scandi escapism, as our world becomes more and more unpredictable. So, as your bathroom becomes your beauty salon, light some candles, put on a chill playlist, and retreat into relaxation.

1. Dress to feel amazing

There’s nothing quite like slipping into your favourite dressing gown, pyjamas, or set of ‘comfies’. Whether they are fancy, stylish or simply a trusty old go-to, the feeling of comfort they can bring is just what you need to set your Swedish Spa moment off right.

2. Create an aromatic atmosphere

Smell is without a doubt the most evocative of all senses, holding the power to transport us into different lands whilst instantly altering our mood. Channelling the power of scent through mini spa-moments such as drawing a hot bath laced with aromatic essential oils is a highly effective way of creating an atmosphere of calm. Bath oils are great for helping you achieve this in an instant by combining a relaxing aquatic scent and a soothing essential oil in one.

According to Google search, found the following five essential oils to be favourites among Brits:

  • Lavender 3,600 monthly searches
  • Peppermint 1,900 monthly searches
  • Lemon 1,600 monthly searches
  • Rose 1,600 monthly searches
  • Frankincense 1,300 monthly searches

New to aromatherapy? Here are 10 simple ways to introduce essential oils into your routine, to reap the rewards for your health and well-being.

3. Get tactile

Whoever said you can’t give yourself a little rub down? With beauty therapies like massages now off-limits, DIY sessions are set to be on the rise. Take five minutes to give yourself a daily Swedish hand, shoulder and head massage with luxurious oils as a reward for making it through another day of isolation. Choose ones which are enriched with floral and marine fragrances, designed to create deep relaxation from the inside out.

The following video explores the basics of self-scalp massage. Scalp massage can be highly beneficial for headache pain, including tension headaches and migraines, as well as helping to relax the facial muscles and reduce jaw tension:

4. Give your hands a little extra TLC

As we’ve turned the dial up on hand-cleanliness through extra washing and liberally applying hand sanitiser, protecting hands and nail beds from dryness is more important than ever. Turn regular moisturising into a Swedish Spa moment by reaching for hand masks and applying before bed to nourish thirsty hands.

Treatments rich in vitamin-packed natural Canola Oil are highly nourishing, so you can be sure that you’ll wake up with butter-soft skin that smells sensational, too!

5. Take your time

As we all know, me-time is a huge luxury and we rarely get enough of it in the real world. A small silver-lining to isolation means we will rarely be in a rush, so take the time to take care. Take things slow and make mini self-care spa-moments feel like they last a lifetime.

Remember, although we must adhere to social distancing recommendations, you can still access the benefits of many complementary therapies from home.

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Written by Becky Banham
Becky is the Brand and Social Strategist for Happiful and a writer for Therapy Directory.
Written by Becky Banham
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