11 healing crystals to help you at university

Making the leap from college to university can be an exciting but unsettling time. You may be excited and eager to jump right in, or perhaps you’re feeling nervous or stressed about the big changes that are to come.

Crystals on a desk

Some people believe crystals hold energies that can help us with a variety of things. From dispelling nightmares to being able to focus better on our studies, crystals may be able to affect our body and mind in positive ways.

Just holding and being near crystals can affect our energies physically, emotionally and spiritually. We’ve put together 11 crystals that can help you cope with some of the changes and challenges during your time at university.

11 crystals (and how they can help)


Experience more restful sleep

To help achieve more restful sleep while settling into your dorm or house share, try placing an amethyst beneath your pillow or beside your bed. Relating to your intuition and a known aid for better sleep, amethyst can also help ward off nightmares.

Black onyx

Counters self-doubt

Interested in crystals for exams? Or worried you’re going to fluff your coursework or do poorly in a test? Black onyx may be able to help. Known as a protection stone, black onyx can absorb negative energy and feelings – including feelings of self-doubt (you’ve got this!).

Clear quartz

Helps you focus while studying

If you’re worried the excitement and partying may sweep you away in your first term, clear quartz may be of help. Good for focusing and as a study aid, this crystal encourages balance and improves clarity.

Find out more about the best crystals to help with focus, concentration and memory in our article, How to use crystals for studying.


Helps increase your performance and success

Known as the stone for success and increasing personal power, carrying a piece of citrine around in your pocket or keeping it on hand near your desk can help you get a head-start during your first term and achieve success early on.


Helps build confidence and courage

Nervous about meeting new people and getting to know your course-mates? Try carrying around a piece of carnelian in your pocket, as a pendant or on a bracelet to give yourself a boost of confidence and courage to make the first step and start talking to someone new.


Helps you absorb new ideas and become more organised

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with ideas, fluorite can help bring order to chaos and aid in sorting through those new ideas. Helpful for both organising your thoughts and assisting with learning and absorbing new ideas.

Green aventurine

Brings good luck

You may want to save this one for when you are ready to hand in your first assignment or closer to exam time. Green aventurine is believed to help bring good luck, as well as assist in bringing out your leadership qualities and skills. If you’re more of a wallflower in new social situations or shy when it comes to group projects, this crystal could help you step up and take charge.


Learn from your mistakes

Hematite can help with a number of things. From helping dissolve negativity to encouraging us to learn from our mistakes, it can also help you ground yourself in the moment. If you’re easily caught up in the negativity from others or tend to focus on your mistakes rather than what you’ve learnt, hematite may be able to help you stay grounded in the moment and move away from the negatives.

Rose quartz

Encourages self-love and self-care

Looking after yourself is key to making the most of your university experience (and starting to do some proper adulting). Known as the ‘love stone’, rose quartz can help encourage and promote self-love and self-care. A great soother for emotional upheaval and hurt feelings, try wearing rose quartz as a pendant or bracelet for consistent soothing and support.


Helps you remain calm and think more clearly

If the thought of your first day in class or an upcoming assignment has you feeling panicked, sodalite may help. When placed near your desk or taken with you to the library during study sessions, sodalite can help you to remain calm and think more clearly.

Tigers eye

Helps ground you and improve your self-esteem

Finding yourself getting so caught up with dreams of the future, you are distracted in the present? Tigers eye can help bring daydreamers back into the moment. Try keeping a piece in your pocket to help promote courage, ground yourself, and improve your self-esteem.

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This article was last reviewed on 13/12/22

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Written by Bonnie Evie Gifford
Bonnie Evie Gifford is a Senior Writer at Happiful.
Written by Bonnie Evie Gifford
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