My experience of reflexology for fertility

When we decided we were ready to have a baby (well, as ready as we would ever be!), it didn’t occur to me that we would struggle. I thought I would fall pregnant quickly, as all my friends had.

So, when I didn’t, I was quite frankly shocked and disheartened. Whilst we had only been trying for around six months, I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad and disappointed.

It was when I was chatting with a close friend that she suggested reflexology. She had tried it and thoroughly recommended it. I was a little sceptical I’ll admit and wasn’t convinced it would work, but I took the attitude of “what have I got to lose?”

I found a therapist local to me who happened to specialise in reflexology for fertility. They had good reviews, so I booked my introductory visit and tried to keep an open mind. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect at my first session. Would it be uncomfortable? Would it hurt? Would it tickle? (I do have very ticklish feet!)

But, it was none of these things – and I actually found it very relaxing.  

Further into the treatment sessions, my reflexologist said to me that I must have a high pain threshold. She told me that where she was pressing, most people would be leaping out the chair, but I was sitting still and composed! For me, this turned out to be a good sign for the future, when I did get pregnant and had to go through labour!

I had a course of six treatments and after each session felt calm and relaxed and always had a very restful night’s sleep. I was lucky enough to fall pregnant following the completion of my first course of treatment.

Whilst I can’t 100% put my pregnancy down to this course of treatment, I honestly think it helped relax me. It eased the stress and pressure I was putting on myself and improved my general sense of wellbeing.

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