A day in the life of a reflexologist

Do you often feel stressed or anxious? Perhaps you’re experiencing sleeping problems, or are suffering from digestive issues or aches and pains? Reflexology may be able to help you.

A day in the life

Have you ever considered what a day in the life of a reflexologist looks like? Holistic therapist and Therapy Directory member, Rebecca Holmes, shares her story. Read on for a glimpse inside a normal day in Rebecca’s world.

“I am a qualified, experienced reflexologist and I know from first-hand experience that the conditions mentioned above can be helped by reflexology. I love observing the positive effects it can have on my clients. By applying gentle finger and thumb pressure to specific points on the hands and feet, it can encourage the body to balance and heal itself.

Reflexology is a wonderful, gentle therapy that can be enjoyed by all ages, but my work with children in particular has opened my eyes to the impact it can have on them and their families.”

A day in the life

“My day starts with a short drive to a lovely primary school for children with special needs. The number and type of child I treat will vary each term, but each child that signs up for treatment will receive five weekly sessions as a minimum. Today I treat William first.

William is seven years old and suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). While he doesn’t communicate with me directly, he sits quite happily in my reclining chair reading books. He has been with me for nearly two years and is my longest client here at the school. Initially he came to me for severe constipation, which cleared up after the second treatment. Now he visits me every two weeks to help manage his high anxiety levels. As a result he is a lot calmer and better behaved at home and at school.

My next child is six year old Tom. He has ASD and ADHD. He is a very different child from William. He is so full of energy that he will not stand still for more than a few seconds. His mum hoped that reflexology could help improve his poor sleeping patterns. Treating him in my chair proved impossible in the earlier days so I have adapted my treatment routine to his needs. He loves the bean bags and Wendy house in class so today we lay on them with a blanket over our heads while I worked on his feet.

Tom started sessions last September. Since then, his sleeping patterns have significantly improved (finally sleeping eight hours a night), he is a lot calmer and tantrums have dropped from several a day to one or two a week.

11 o’clock

It’s time to pack up and drive to my next destination, a secondary school for girls with special needs. Kate is thirteen and has ASD. I meet her in the dormitories, in a beautifully painted bedroom. She sits calmly in the chair, quietly staring into space. She is a smart girl but finds it difficult to communicate with people as she gets extremely anxious. Her high levels of anxiety also affect her attendance levels at school, which last term were at 50%. The deputy head brought me in to see if a plan between the school, social services and reflexology can help improve her attendance.

It is my second term with Kate. The good news is that reflexology has helped to reduce her once daily migraines, to a couple a week. She feels much calmer and is sleeping better.

1 o’clock

I have just enough time to grab a bite to eat. I call the children’s parents to find out how they have been at home, share how the treatment went and to update my paperwork.

3 o’clock

I pick up my own children, Jack and Alex from school and focus on them for a few hours until my adult client, Fiona arrives at eight o’clock. She is a charming lady of 81 years. She has been visiting me monthly for the last year. Reflexology has been beneficial in helping her manage her sciatic and digestive issues. We have a lovely chat and swap healthy recipes.

9 o’clock

Finally by 9.30pm it is time for me to flop in front of the telly for an hour or two before a well-needed bedtime.”

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Written by Ellen Lees
Head of Content.

Written by Ellen Lees

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