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From time to time, people become unwell, break bones, feel down, anxious or depressed and life is out of kilter. Healing helps to find new energy, fresh hope and ways ahead for health, happiness and joy. Healing comes in many forms.

Reiki came to me, as things often do, when I was ill and in great need. Reiki works at many levels and on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. People often have no idea of it's power to change situations and circumstances. Working with a client, with photographs of people, places and animals can all have a deep, lasting and profound affect.

Reiki was from Japan where a teacher of theology was asked about how Jesus healed. He had to admit that he had no idea. A search around the world involving lots of travelling, eventually led him back to where he began and the truth was revealed. It works on universal symbols. The understanding and use of these is amazing.

There is nothing worse than feeling a lack of energy, feeling down, anxious and generally out of kilter.

By having a Reiki session, the world can change dramatically.

  • Having a caring other there, who is interested in your well-being.
  • Being in a warm, safe and comfortable place.
  • Knowing you are receiving a non-invasive, gentle treatment.
  • Being given follow up ideas.
  • Knowing that your information is private and you can talk freely.
  • The lovely session allows you space for yourself releasing anything that may need to be freed.
  • Confidence in the trained, experienced, insured practitioner.
  • Reiki always works for the highest good.

It is always wise to go with your intuition and go with the Reiki master who you ‘feel’ is right. Price is not the answer but quality of practice and genuine experience. When you contact someone they will be able to tell you how they began and what keeps them with the healing process so openly, lovingly and determinedly. A passionate practitioner will put over the right energy.

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All therapists are verified professionals

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