The wounded Goddess - who is she?

The wounded Goddess is, like me sometimes, a deeply hurt being who feels that the world hates her and why is she here anyway? Why was she born to suffer? Why was she born to just annoy everyone? Right!


The wounded Goddess is a victim of her life, she feels deeply saddened by the world around her. She cannot feel her own worth because she has cut off from this part of herself. The wounded Goddess is exhausted and struggles to maintain her own well-being let alone that of her children. The wounded Goddess is trying to get somewhere, trying to get the next fix that will sustain her for a little while longer. But why? Why does she feel so terrible? And who am I anyway to speak of this?

Well I was a wounded Goddess and sometimes I am returned to this space of pain within myself. Today I was. I felt overwhelmed, squashed by phone calls, responsibilities, messages, children and my own thoughts most of all. So I sat at my healing space and went within. The wounded Goddess showed up and I felt all these deeply embedded templates and aspects within myself rise up.  

My daughter mirrors a lot of these templates to me also, victimhood a lot of the time, this place where there is only helplessness and sorrow. And by the way no-one can help! And if they can, it’s only temporary. It’s a lot and intense.

Why is she wounded?

There are many reasons why a being will cut off from her heart and all are very important and valid. From a multi dimensional healing perspective there is the view of the soul, ancestral, family trauma, collective consciousness, parental energies to name a few. There is your soul's mission, the relationships you have experienced, parenting relationships and loved ones. The list is endless.

In terms of this current lifetime, when the two gamete cells come together to begin cell growth and replication to form another being this is where the being will begin to get ready for its environment. The environment within the womb is the first point of adaptation. The being will react to the levels of cortisol, the vibrations of sound and the flow of nutrients. These are a few examples of the biological level of this process.  

From a biomedical perspective there are many other aspects that build up to this genetically, epi-genetically that is. Mainly from the parents, guardians or loved ones involved in the pre parenting perspective. This has an effect also to the readiness of the foetus or baby for life on Earth! 

How do we help her?

Well as I say to all my clients, you have to put your own oxygen mask on first before you can help another, particularly your child.  

To help would be to disempower her, so firstly empowerment is to see this state as an intelligent choice and to accept that. The wounded goddess is wounded and not in her power. To feel true power from your gut, from your womb is to take responsibility and then to offer yourself compassion. Learning to accept whatever emotional state you are in is the first step to release this and this is where the release comes.

So if you feel stressed, panic, regular anxiety then great! That means you are aware and that is the biggest challenge, to acknowledge your feelings, then all that comes is releasing them in a safe manner. The tools for energy release are vast, there are many ways to do this.  

One of the tools I teach is EFT, emotional freedom technique. This method uses tapping of the meridian points on the body with words and sometimes silently. EFT is gentle and powerful all at once. EFT brings us back to our body and the intelligence of our body. A man called Gregg Braden, who is a geologist, speaks of heart intelligence and how simply placing your hand on your heart and breathing deeply brings our body back to a safe space. This is another part of my healing practise with parents and individuals.

So for all Goddesses (and divine men also!) out there who may feel overwhelmed I invite you to get involved with Let’s Connect and Feel Better and these simple practices that can help release your heart energy so you can feel better and bring in the divine Goddess energy.  The one who knows deeply in her heart that she is worthy, loved and powerful.

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