The power of stillness

I have been practising meditation on Twin Hearts by Master Choa Kok Sui every day for the last two years. It is truly a magnificent tool that has kept me elevated above the stress, anxiety and negative emotions, particularly throughout 2020. And now I would like to share the benefits of this meditation with you – in the hope that it will help you, too.


Meditation on Twin Hearts raises your vibrations, elevates your awareness and expands your consciousness. It is practised globally by thousands of people, irrespective of religion or background. Meditation on Twin Hearts is super simple and produces amazing and dramatic results.
Clinical research has been carried out on Twin Hearts meditation and it has been discovered that Twin Hearts (contemplative meditation) can positively influence the emotion regulation ability – even when performed by non-meditators and only once. However, in mindfulness meditation, this immediate effect was not found.

Seven benefits of Twin Hearts meditation

1. Improved health

The divine energy flows through your body and flushes out the unwanted energies within your system. After the meditation, your mind becomes very still.

2. Reduced stress, anxiety and depression

Twin Hearts disintegrates the unwanted emotions in your chakras and allows positivity and happiness in.

3. Sharper mind and greater happiness

Once the emotions are out of your system, your mind becomes clear and your emotions more positive.

4. Increase your self-esteem

It helps you build a good image of yourself and hence gives you more power.

5. Improve your relationships

When you bless the earth with loving-kindness you are automatically filled with love. This in turn will bring harmony to your relationships.

6. Become a divine channel

Twin Hearts meditation makes an opportunity for you to become a channel to bless everyone on earth and make their lives better.

7. Increase your good luck

Practising Twin Hearts meditation creates good karma that shows itself in life as good luck.

Every day you take a shower. Practising the meditation on Twin Hearts is like taking a spiritual shower. When your aura is clean, you experience a higher level of awareness. When your aura is clean, you see through things more clearly. Even your good luck increases. 

- Master Choa Kok Sui

If you're interested in meditation or pranic healing, I run meditation sessions for groups of adults and children and also offer one-to-one six-week or 12-week courses that can help you to change your life.

Pranic healing facilitates the natural healing mechanism in our bodies, with fantastic results. It can assist with the recovery and alleviate symptoms from a number of physical and emotional issues – from arthritis, back pain, IBS, diabetes, kidney ailments, heart problems and numerous others through to anxiety, stress, trauma, grief, depression, PTSD and even addictions.
Pranic healing and the Twin Hearts meditation have changed my life! I am a type 1 diabetic and now, after 40+ years of having diabetes, I finally understand the emotional causes behind it, and how to keep my blood sugars far more stable then I have ever been able to do before.
To find out more about pranic healing and meditation, please don’t hesitate to contact me via my Therapy Directory profile.

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Orpington, Kent, BR5
Written by Melissa Stonard, Intuitive Card Reading And Guidance
Orpington, Kent, BR5

I have been an energy worker for over twenty years - I specialise in Reiki (Reiki Master) and Pranic healing. I work with adults, children and animals.

I have seen huge shifts in clients over the years, both emotionally and physically - energy work never ceases to amaze.

I also run meditation sessions for both adults and children.

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