The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can be hugely beneficial - it has been scientifically proven that regular meditating can help to:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Control anxiety
  • Lead to improved self-image
  • A more positive outlook on life
  • Can lengthen attention span
  • Reduces memory loss (age-related)
  • Generates kindness
  • Can help fight addictions
  • Improves sleep
  • Can help control pain
  • Can reduce blood pressure

I regularly practice meditation every evening for around 30 minutes, and I have noticed vast improvements in my life from my mood through to better controlled blood sugars (Type 1 diabetes).  Meditation is something we can all fit into our lives, and the benefits are amazing.

The hardest part for most is trying to quieten the mind.  The mind likes to whizz us into the past and the future regularly.  Once we learn to gently stay and live in the present moment, life becomes much easier to handle.  

I am a Pranic Healer and I practice the Twin Hearts Meditation both developed by Master Choa Kok Sui to help flush out negative thoughts and emotions that congest our mind and body every day. It is practised in over 126 countries around the world and the testimonials of personal healing and positive life transformation have been incredible.

Meditating on the Twin Hearts enables the body to absorb a tremendous amount of energy which many refer to as Prana, chi or life’s energy.

This has a flushing and cleansing effect, then stimulating and energising effect through the practitioners system resulting in better physical, emotional and mental health.

For Stress Relief & Wellbeing. Scientifically validated to reduce stress and anxiety, increase memory, focus and positive brain activity.  Flush out negativity and achieve peace and stillness in less than 30 minutes. (excerpt from

I will be running a meditation group: 

Every third Wednesday of the month (19th June, 17th July etc.)

8pm - 8.30pm Teens Relaxation (11-16 year olds)

8.30pm - 9pm (over 18's)

St Francis Church Hall - Greencourt Road, Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent, BR5 1QW


07810 543381

No need to register - Just Turn Up!.  Fee: donation

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Orpington, Kent, BR5
Written by Melissa Stonard, Intuitive Card Reading And Guidance
Orpington, Kent, BR5

I have been an energy worker for over twenty years - I specialise in Reiki (Reiki Master) and Pranic healing. I work with adults, children and animals.

I have seen huge shifts in clients over the years, both emotionally and physically - energy work never ceases to amaze.

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All therapists are verified professionals