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Reiki & Crystal Healing helped this lady off painkillers, sleeping pills and become pain free

A lady had been suffering for three months with pain radiating from her hips to her ankles, which increased with intensity throughout the day. By the evenings she was in agony. She was on increasing doses of co-codamol, plus amitriptyline at night, however, the medication did not relieve her pain. Her blood pressure was also considerably raised and she had been prescribed a higher dose of Losartan. Walking any distance became an issue, resulting in considerable weight gain and she felt incredibly low. The doctor suggested the issue was Behcet’s related arthritis. An MRI showed arthritis, four herniated discs and nerve impingement, for which a spinal operation was an option, but one, which they advised against, as there would only be a 50% chance of it helping.

She decided to try Reiki and Crystal Healing weekly to see if it would help her. Many physical problems stem from emotional issues or energy imbalances/blocks, which can be picked up in our daily lives from stress, other people or even from past lives. Reiki and Crystal Healing are non-interventional so can be used alongside traditional medicine without risk of causing harm and are excellent at helping the body maximise its own natural healing ability.

After just two weekly sessions this lady felt a reduction in pain starting at her ankles and by the sixth session, she was left with just pain in her right hip. Each week she was able to reduce her painkillers further. The pain in that hip was lodged deeply and took a few more sessions to release but with the addition of sound healing and guidance that pain also left. It seemed that the specialists had been correct in that the origin was from her lower back. It took nine sessions in all for her to become completely pain-free.

Over the nine weeks, she gradually came off all painkillers including the sleeping pills (done slowly with her doctor’s approval, as this is crucial). The benefits had an incredible spiral effect. Releasing the pain had a rejuvenating effect and she appeared to look years younger. She was enjoying walking again and consequently had lost the weight gained in recent months and without drugs in her system said she was feeling fantastic! A further bonus was that her blood pressure decreased and was showing normal range readings so her doctor reduced the Losartan strength to the original prescription.

You can never promise a cure with Reiki and Crystal Healing as everyone is different, however, both these methods encourage our own natural balance and healing to take place, bringing a wonderful feeling of peace and contentment to many.

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London, SW16

Written by B-j Raben

London, SW16

I am a Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Practitioner and Multi-Dimensional Healer providing relaxing treatments for all ages supporting issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, high blood pressure, injuries, those undergoing ongoing medical treatment and more. Based in Balham, London SW12. For more info visit: sophierohealing.com

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