Reiki and suicide

Content warning: This article discusses suicide, please take care reading.


I have just come back from a dog walk and witnessed a lady who wanted to jump from the railway bridge in Pound Pill Corsham.

Someone was there and another was phoning Police I think. My instinct was to try and help but I thought that too many people would be a bad thing. I also phoned the Police and an officer was getting there and an ambulance.

The poor person must have been in a bad mental state to think of ending her life, so tragic. We know so little about people and their problems, we are in very troubled times, and violence to others and ourselves seems to be frequent.

Let’s all think in a calm way and ‘send’ Reiki out and just maybe the world and vulnerable people may feel the love.

Feel true to your being.
Feel compassion to yourself and others.
No anger.
No worry.
Instead, feel grateful for our life.

Suicide is a dreadful frightening thing, losing someone you love is bad enough but for them to take their own life is truly tragic. So many people, young and old feel this and our instinct is to help them overcome these feelings. We cannot do this as that person is responsible but so often we feel that responsibility.

My son was one such person, he died four years ago, and we will never know if he took his own life. He was well-loved and was a compassionate kind person, so to this day I miss him so much.

Living with Reiki took me through the grief, going deeply into that wonderful space and connecting to who I am helped the grieving and the guilt as that awful word ‘guilt’ is truly a nondescript word isn’t it? It actually means nothing at all, someone somewhere must have thought it described the state of one who has committed an offence, especially consciously, feelings of deserving blame.

People who feel life isn’t worth living don’t feel guilt, they feel sadness, paranoia, depression etc. As most of us are not medically trained it may be difficult to observe this and deal with it.

We all need to be aware of ourselves and our feelings, being compared to someone else is not an option. Reiki is. Being aware of our breath and breathing deeply will help us to see and connect.

I love this quote, which says it all I think, it's written by Chief Dan George.
"The beauty of the trees, the softness of the air
the fragrance of the grass
speaks to me.
The summit of the mountain,
The thunder of the sky
speaks to me.
The faintness of the stars
The trail of the sun,
The strength of the fire
And the life that never goes away
They speak to me,
And my heart soars."

It is difficult, I know, to be aware of all the situations all of the time, but for us to stop and listen is perhaps all we can do.

Showing the beauty of nature and practising our spiritual path whatever that may be, without judgement will help and restore and hopefully rejuvenate. 

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Corsham SN13
Written by Jenny Newman, Connect With Reiki Reiki master/Teacher
Corsham SN13

Jenny Newman is a graduate teacher of the International House of Reiki and has been teaching for 25 years. Jenny continues to study every year with her teacher Frans Steine, and through this study and research, she has gone to a very deep level within the system of Reiki, teaching the ancient and traditional Japanese perspective.

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