Reflexology for everyday health

Not only does reflexology work brilliantly as a preventative medicine but it can help you by treating many minor health problems and irritations like back pain, headaches, hormone imbalance, insomnia, self-confidence, digestive issues and pain management. Tell me honestly, who doesn’t suffer from any of those?

Reflexology is often dismissed or misunderstood as a simple type of foot massage that might be added onto a spa day or thought of simply in terms of a treatment for pampering. In fact that is often how many people first experience reflexology, and when they realise how good it made them feel, how they had the best night’s sleep in ages, how the pain in their lower back that usually bugs them didn’t seem to be there after the treatment, then they go back for more.

Reflexology helps restore balance in the body, but the benefits of reflexology go way beyond relaxation. Of course, time and time again with my clients I see reflexology doing just that, leaving the client at the end of the treatment in a wonderful floaty space, feeling deeply relaxed as if a world of pain, stress and worry had been lifted from their shoulders. That is a wonderful gift in itself and the physical benefits on the body are measurable. Increased relaxation can ripple throughout the different body systems, like relaxing the digestive system for example, aiding elimination or allowing increased blood flow through the blood vessels, putting less stress on the heart and assisting joint mobility.

Reflexology as preventative medicine

A misunderstanding that I often find about reflexology is that because the treatment works on the feet, the benefits must only be felt there. Due to the holistic nature of reflexology the effects of the treatment are felt throughout the entire body as in the above example with relaxation, however it also has a powerful effect on the mental and emotional states as well. A reflexology treatment will trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing anxiety, stopping the fight-or-flight response, and letting the body heal. Regular treatments can help maintain the body’s balance and well-being and work brilliantly as a form of preventative medicine to keep both body and mind in top condition to keep disease at bay.

The feel good factor

Many holistic treatments like Reflexology promise and do deliver a “feel good factor” which must not be underestimated. The UK’s Mental Health Foundation states that one in four people will suffer from a mental health issue this year. This covers anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias and eating disorders, to name a few. So adding a “feel good factor” to our lives doesn’t seem like such a bad idea and should not be dismissed especially since for 25% of us feeling good seems to be in short supply.

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