Reflexology and the menopause

Reflexology is a wonderful therapy for aiding our journey through the menopause. Stimulation to the pituitary gland, hypothalamus and thymus will help regulate the peripheral nervous system. One of the biggest problems I encounter with my menopausal clients is low self esteem, if you think about the changes they are experiencing within the body - hot flushes, night sweats, sudden weight gain and short term memory loss, it comes as no surprise that they develop feelings of inadequacy.  

I often advise my clients to look at the other factors that can play a part. As our bodies age our metabolism slows down, so we need to adjust our diet accordingly by cutting down our processed foods and red meats, adding more seeds, pulses and soya into our diets. Golden linseeds and sage tea are miracle workers for those hot flushes. Also we need to add exercise to our daily routines to keep our muscular and skeletal systems from deteriorating. Working the digestive system and spine reflexes also helps regulate the body. Remember the menopause is a new time for regenerating.

50 is the new 30 so they say!  

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