How to increase your well-being and feel better and happier

Well-being, feeling good and feeling happy are vitally important. Regardless of your circumstances and whatever situation you are in, if you do not have a good degree of well-being and do not feel happy, you need to take action and make changes.

In a sense, it does not matter exactly what you do, if you are not feeling as good and happy as you might do, you simply need to do something. Something different. Something else. There is nothing worse than the belief that change is not possible and that things will stay stuck as they are.

Change is possible. There is always something that can be done whether this is a change in attitude or a real, practical, in the world type of change.

There are so many things that can be done to feel better and feel happier. Here are four absolute essentials. It does not matter in which order you do them, they all need covering.

1. Get some healing into your life

Sometimes we live in a non-stop cycle of work, home and sleep without a pause - the kind of life where one thing follows the next, where we are always on the go and perhaps experiencing stress or busyness, maybe some strain or some anger as we get ourselves wound up. 

Getting some healing into your life can be as simple as taking a few moments to ‘come back to yourself’. In this time you may become clear about your priorities, you may just feel some sense of calm, it may just improve your resilience and allow you to relax. The most important thing here is taking the time to just stop, mentally or physically or ideally both. You can also learn techniques like meditation or a new area like Reiki. Learning Reiki definitely allows you to relax more easily and incorporates healing work as well.

2. Work on your relationships

We were never meant to be solitary beings. When we have good relationships, we feel good. Laughing with others brings about physical, chemical changes in the body; it is very healing. Caring for others has a similarly powerful effect on our physiology. 

Finding relationships and creating relationships which work and bringing these kinds of positive feelings into your life and those of others is one of the vital steps to feeling good.

3. Be healthy in mind, body and spirit

Keeping a healthy mind is not something that is talked about anything like as much as keeping healthy physically and yet, having a healthy mind directly influences the amount of well-being and happiness you experience. Having a healthy mind simply means moving your mind away from unhelpful, unhappy thoughts. Be patient with it. Train it gently to go where you want it to; to take a more positive, happier direction.

Included in well-being has got to be giving your body healthy, nourishing food and moving it around! Your body definitely needs good food and it needs to move so everything works properly. We cannot neglect these two areas and expect to feel really good and happy with a strong physical sense of well-being…. so off to the kitchen to make something tasty.

Being healthy in spirit means doing things which have a meaning for you. It is about having a sense of your purpose. It means knowing that things happen for a reason or that things are part of a greater plan. Of course you do not have to have these beliefs specifically. Our beliefs differ  person-to-person. It does need to be some sense of being in the right place at the right time or some sense of wider connection to something greater.

4. Enjoy life

This is specifically about enjoying the social side of life the non-work time, the downtime, the fun time, the hobbies.

It is this fun time, this relaxation, this letting go of tension which invigorates and energises you. It is life-enhancing. Any sense of well-being and happiness will go up the more enjoyment and fun you build into your life.

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