All life is energy and energy can travel through our systems and create balance. This is why reiki and crystals have became so popular within health care and our lives in general.

Crystals are a part of Mother Earth, connecting, balancing and harmonising. They also connect with all living things not only within, but interconnecting with the energy fields around us too. We are not always aware of the energy around us from the earth, crystals or other people, but our energy systems and higher consciousness are constantly communicating in an energetic way.

For instance, you may not enjoy the interaction with a stranger who is talking to you in a shop and may be wanting to move away, this could be because the energy around them could be still affected by an emotional issue in their life and you are sensing that.

It is important to refresh our systems when we can because we all pick up on energy around us. This can be easily done by grounding ourselves, simply by seeing ourselves in our mind rooted to the earth, breathing deeply and letting the smog go from your body through the 'out breath' and breathing in the light. You can take a shower and imagine the smog from your body going down the plug hole as the shower cleanses you.

Having regular monthly Reiki or crystal healing can help. Another lovely thing to do is to chant - there are many lovely chants you can do and this will help clear your system and balance you. Tina Turner famously healed her life using the Nichiren Buddhist chant nam-myoho-renge-kyo when chanting this it means compassion kindness love courage and wisdom, you can visualise your problems healing with this chant.

So energy is us and we are energy. Thoughts, actions and words gives out energy and energy comes back, once we understand energy we understand ourselves.

Ask permission from a tree to share its energy. Sit with the tree and the tree will energise you.

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