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Distance healing for mental wellbeing during coronavirus times

As human beings, we tend to like our structure and routine. From waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, we incorporate our preferences; what we like for breakfast, what clothes to wear or what time we eat or walk the dog. We have become used to so much choice and having a routine that suits us. Generally, our choices help to make us feel mentally brighter and calmer.

However, with coronavirus declared a worldwide pandemic and the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the UK, our society recently has had to undertake some major changes. Many people have found themselves abruptly being told by the government to stay at home until further notice, to wash their hands repeatedly and only go out for daily exercise or an essential food shop - whilst keeping at a recommended distance from other people.

This sudden change can put you under huge stress, as your daily routine may have been significantly affected, therefore putting potential pressure on your emotional and mental well-being.

If a person was already suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in the form of handwashing, the perceived threat may be seen as colossal and the handwashing routine could escalate to unbearable proportions. If an individual was already feeling lonely and sad at the start of the year, then being forced to live alone and disconnect from work colleagues, close friends and family, may affect their mental well-being even more. For those suffering from stress, the sudden loss of their work during this period may make their finances untenable and their stress unmanageable as they wait for government help.

Clients with anxiety, stress and depression are commonly seen by Reiki therapists. However, what is not widely talked about is that Reiki therapists can actually help people without them being at the same physical location.

Reiki training teaches how to heal the public anywhere in the UK or world. It includes a specific healing symbol for Reiki therapists to use, to allow them to connect to the client’s energy remotely, through time and space. An easy way a distance Reiki healer may also connect to your energy remotely is placing a full-length photograph of you on their therapy room bed and heal you from the photo.

There are some Reiki therapists who actually see a client’s energy whilst they are on the phone speaking to them or from a photograph. They have a natural clairvoyant ability to see the energy blocks in the body and the energy field around the body; the aura. These energy blocks are believed, over time, to affect the energy flow of the body and maybe causing pain or illness. If a person is happy their aura appears to the clairvoyant Reiki therapist as larger and more vibrant. If a person is sad then the aura can visually become more uneven and smaller and with fewer rays of light emitting from the heart energy centre.

Healing a client who is in a different physical location than the therapist is known as distance, remote or absent Reiki healing. The advantage is that you do not need to be restricted by choosing a therapist who lives near to you. You can use the internet and search a website, such as the Therapy Directory, to find the best distance Reiki healer for your particular needs. A Reiki therapist that you feel will be able to help you move forward during this potentially mentally challenging period.

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Warrington, Cheshire, WA3

Written by Julia Trickett

Warrington, Cheshire, WA3

Julia is a fully qualified, experienced Reiki Master and can trace her Reiki training heritage back to the original founder, Usui in Japan. For many years she has taught Reiki, including how to heal remotely.
She runs a successful private holistic health practice with clients from across the North West and Distance Healing clients worldwide .

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