Busting the menopause myth

Menopause is a hot topic. There is an apparent shift in conscious awakening to this previously taboo subject. More women are openly discussing this stage in their lives, more books and column inches are now dedicated to the subject, and celebrities are more openly disclosing their journeys through menopause. Although many words are written about the negative connotations of menopause, there is so much conversation about celebrating this natural transition in every woman’s life. It is a matter of perspective.

Raising awareness of the importance of honouring our menstrual cycles shines a light on the defining aspect of being a woman. There is no more need for shame around this subject. This is not a female weakness - this is our strength and our power. Menstruation enables fertility and fertility enables life. Honouring our menstrual cycles is the first step towards aligning with the seasons inherent in each menstrual month, as well as the seasons of our lives. This is no secret. In the shamanic tradition, the female life cycle is celebrated by marking the stages of birth, childhood, menarche (first bleed) with the maiden, pregnancy with the mother, peri-menopause with Maga the priestess, and menopause with the wise woman - the crone.

Spring births new shoots and the potential of new life honouring the maiden energy. Summer offers an abundance of fertility and celebrates the mother's service to the family. Autumn marks the midpoint in our life cycles. This is the time to pause and evaluate our chartered course. This is the moment to pay attention to re-balance and reconnect with our essence. Peri-menopausal symptoms often offer clues concerning imbalances that need attention. If we honour our priestess energy, we can consciously withdraw into our temple of self-enquiry, and watch what arises and hasn't yet been dealt with. Sitting with the discomfort allows our divine feminine creative energy, Shakti, the space to review and shed all that is no longer serving us. This resolution gives us the strength and power to transform our lives with the renewing energy of menopause into what we envision for our winter years.

Ayurveda celebrates the cycle of life through rhythm, offering practical tools to slow down, honour, support, nourish, and reconnect with our essence to bring a new balance to our lives. These tools include lifestyle and dietary adjustments, bodywork, herbal medicine, and yoga. Daily and seasonal rhythms are key to maintaining well-being throughout all the seasons of our lives. Understanding our unique constitutional dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and their alignment with the 24-hour circadian clock, annual rhythms and the seasons of our lives offers practical insight into regaining balance throughout all the stages of our lives. These tools of Ayurveda can transform menopause.

Menopause can be liberating - a hugely nourishing transition into graceful empowerment and living the life we dream of living. It is a time to emerge from the roles of daughter, lover, mother, carer, worker, colleague, and partner to claim back our identity, to nourish a new potential, and to celebrate our lives. The gift of the menopausal transition offers the opportunity to regain our balance, to reset our systems, and to realign our path. To step towards unity where our vital essence, our spirit, and our potential are harmonised. To share the experiences of our lives, to have harmony and service from our hearts, and honour our life purpose.

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Written by Kim Kriyasagar

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