Katie: My experience of reflexology

Why did you start having reflexology? Was there something you wanted it to help with specifically?

A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with glandular fever and I’ve been suffering the after-effects of this ever since. Having been back and forth to the doctors (including private doctors) many, many times and having every blood test available, I was extremely frustrated with the consistent outcome: “You need to rest.”

At any age, that’s incredibly hard to hear but especially in your mid-twenties – you feel that life is living without you. The doctor recommended complementary therapy as a last resort, as there was nothing medical they could offer me.

So, I now have reflexology to treat tiredness, brain fog and stiff muscles as a result of the glandular fever. The treatment focuses on my adrenals, spleen and kidneys to flush out any toxins that add to my symptoms.

How long did your treatment last?

I’m still in treatment and I have an hour’s session every two weeks (or every week if I’m feeling flush) and I plan to continue with this for as long as I see results. It’s recommended that if you aren’t seeing results after five sessions, this may not be the treatment for you.

To me, it was really important to go with an open mind about the positive possibilities trying reflexology could deliver.

How do you feel during the treatment?

During the treatment, I’m so relaxed. I have actually fallen asleep many times and I almost feel I’m floating or in a trance-like state, completely at ease with myself and my surroundings. It allows me to accept the symptoms I struggle with, acknowledge why they are there but also trust that my body will eventually heal itself.

In each session, I always feel that my therapist is unlocking another part of myself and setting it free from tension and I really like this journey. It’s almost self-discovery.

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How do you feel after?

Relaxed and tired! Don’t be surprised if you have a runny nose or need to use the bathroom a lot. With my specific areas, the therapist works on flushing through the toxins so they need to be released somehow!

I always sleep right through the night after my treatment and feel very alert the next morning.

Would you recommend it?

I would certainly recommend reflexology as a complementary therapy or even just for relaxation. The feet have many hidden qualities and you can learn a lot about yourself from looking at their map.

My therapist listens to every bump or sore point in my feet and works through these with me in my body and that’s so important to work together in recovery.

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