Weekend wellness

Below we have made a list of things to do this weekend to promote wellness and make yourself a priority.

Weekend wellness

Wellness menu

We challenge you to try a plant-based diet for the next two to three days. After a long week, focusing on eating just plants will give your body the break it needs from digesting heavy foods, such as meat and dairy. You may notice an improvement to your skin too – slow digestion will often show here first, as a way of ridding toxins. Eating a plant-based diet (and drinking plenty of water) will make your skin glow and give your body the boost it needs to cleanse.

Instead of your usual weekend breakfast, try starting your day with a hot lemon water and a green smoothie, packed with coconut water, banana, berries, pineapple, spinach and kale.


This weekend, lock the coffee in a cupboard and replace it with a short, 10-minute meditation each morning. Caffeine can be dehydrating and can cause a craving for sweet or salty foods, so swapping it for a morning meditation can help engage your spirit and build the glow from the inside out. Try this simple breathing routine for an energising morning (and if you still want the caffeine hit, opt for green tea).

Inhale slowly through the nose and exhale without pause. Imagine an old water mill, watch the water being pulled up and flowing out. Breathe in with force, but breathe out naturally and relaxed. Never pause. This is a quick routine: one, two, inhale, one two, exhale.

Stretch and sweat

Now don’t panic, we’re not telling you to go down the gym this weekend. Instead, stretch your body with a short, simple yoga routine. You can practise this at home, or join a morning class. Be slow with your movements, ensure you breathe regularly and visualise your limbs stretching. End your session by entering a sauna or steam room – spend 15 to 30 minutes resting, letting your body expel the impurities.

Rest and relax

End your days with an hour or two dedicated to doing what you love. This may be drawing, listening to music, baking, reading or simply going for a walk. Whatever it is, make sure you are stress-free during this time.

Turn to aromatherapy. Choose some soothing scents to fill the room and light a candle, or add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath. Settle for the evening in a cosy dressing gown, dim the lights and spend time without your phone. Make yourself a warm tea (chamomile is known for its calming qualities, lavender for relaxation) and talk to a friend, partner or family member.

Sleep well

You spend much of your time in the bedroom, so make it a sanctuary. Keep the room cool, but with plenty of blankets. Your bedroom should be work and stress-free, so keep any work-related clutter out of sight. If you struggle to fall asleep, read a book that requires little thought. Calming your mind before bedtime can result in an uninterrupted sleep, allowing your body to rest, recover and prepare for the week ahead.

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Written by Ellen Hoggard

Ellen is the Content Manager for Memiah and writer for Therapy Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Ellen Hoggard

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