How to do reflexology at home

Reflexology is an ancient therapy that uses massage techniques to stimulate certain points on the palms and bottom of the feet in order to promote healing in other areas of the body.

Each zone on the hands and feet that is used in reflexology is connected to a corresponding zone in the body. Depending on the nature of your ailment, a reflexologist will locate the points that need massaging.

This technique helps to stimulate the flow of energy and unblock areas of congestion in the energy pathways around the body. This in turn is thought to relieve certain ailments and promote healing.

A guide to DIY reflexology techniques

While visiting a reflexologist is a great start to learning more about the therapy and how it can help you, it is possible to practise reflexology in the comfort of your own home.


The big toes are the key focus for relieving pain in the head and neck area. Start by using your fingers to create circular rubbing movements on your big toes. This will help to relax your neck. Next, apply more pressure to the upper halves of each toe. Here lies the point that correlates with the head.

Sleep problems

It is thought that using reflexology techniques to target the pituitary gland can help to address sleeping problems such as insomnia.

In the middle of your fingerprint is the nerve linking your endocrine system, so start by applying direct pressure with the side of your nail. On your feet, you should focus on the middle of your big toe on the bottom side – using your fingers to press firmly and massage.

Woman rubbing foot


Reflexology is considered highly beneficial for stress relief. If you have a sudden rush of panic or anxiety, focus on the neck and head zones in your toes. Apply pressure to the top parts of your toes on the bottom side, then move down to the base of your toes and start massaging these points.

You could also try the wrist twist technique, which involves forming a circle around your wrist with your thumb and index finger. Once you have done this, twist the opposing hand back and forth 20 times.

Back pain

Tackle back pain by targeting the spinal reflexes on your feet. These are located on the bottom half of the soles of your feet and on the top of your foot where your leg begins. Rub these areas for a couple of minutes to relieve tension and aches.

Please remember, if you have any ailments that are causing you significant pain and discomfort, you should make an appointment with your GP before considering complementary therapy.

If you would like to book an appointment with a reflexologist to start your self-healing journey, use our advanced search tool to find a reflexologist near you today. 

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