Acts of kindness to show you care

Best friends in many ways are a key source of happiness and well-being.

Acts of kindness to cheer up a friend

They are the people many of us turn to first for heartfelt advice and a shoulder to cry on, and more often than not they are always eager to help and make us laugh.

Sometimes though we can forget to let our friends know just how much we appreciate them. In the twists and turns of daily life, it can be difficult finding time to give back to our friends and return the never-ending support they provide.

Simple acts of kindness however may be all that is needed to show your friend just how much you care – and they only take a couple of minutes each! 

Post a letter 

Brighten your friend’s day by sending him/her a handwritten note. Taking the time to write and post a personal letter is a wonderful thought and anything from a 10-page piece to a funny newspaper clipping will be enough to show that you are grateful for their friendship.

Cook dinner 

Inviting your friend round for dinner is a great way to reconnect and show them that you care. Cooking up something you know they’ll love is a bonus, but if cooking isn’t your strong point, making the effort is what counts.

Go to exercise classes together 

If you both enjoy attending classes, book one in for you to attend together. Yoga or pilates are great activities for socialising, relaxing as well as keeping fit, and your friend will be pleased that you invited them along to join you.

Book in a massage 

Try to put some time aside when you and your friend can spend a morning or an afternoon enjoying a rejuvenating massage. If you both lead hectic lives, with families to look after and demanding jobs, this time-out together will be a great opportunity to relieve stress and have a good catch up – while being pampered!

Offer compliments 

When you spend a lot of time with someone, it’s easy to think nice things but not to say them. When you next meet with your friend, make an effort to compliment him/her for something. This will not only lift their spirits but will make you feel better too.

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Written by Tamara Marshall
Written by Tamara Marshall
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