How to beat workplace stress

How to beat workplace stressWe show you how to switch off, relax and rejuvenate for a healthier work-life balance.

In France a new law has passed that bans work emails after 6pm. This means that employees are legally entitled to ignore their bosses emails after 6pm. Unfortunately, the UK has no such law (yet) so it is up to us to switch off from work to reduce stress.

We agree, it isn’t always an easy task – but looking after yourself and taking the time to relax after work will improve your mental and physical health, leaving you in a better position to perform well during your 9-5. Take a look at the following tips for some stress-busting inspiration:

Sleep is nature’s best healer

When we sleep, we are giving our brain the downtime it needs to rejuvenate and work better the next day. Consistent lack of sleep can affect both our mental and physical health – and you certainly won’t win any points at work for falling asleep at your desk. If you are struggling to switch off and sleep, try a relaxing complementary therapy such as aromatherapy or herbalism.

Reduce your alcohol consumption

Even though it may feel like a well-deserved treat, a nightly tipple will quickly take its toll on your health and ability to sleep. Try to set aside a few evenings a week where you don’t drink alcohol and enjoy a herbal tea instead.

Finish work, properly

If you find you keep thinking about unfinished tasks at work, chances are you won’t be able to fully switch off when you try to unwind. To help your mind relax, write a list of tasks you’re worried about and write quick action points you can carry out the following day to address them. Having an action plan like this will help your brain fully switch off.

Healthy body = healthy mind

Find an exercise you enjoy doing and indulge after work. Whether this is a gentle walk with the dog, an evening yoga flow or even an energetic run around the block – physical activity will help you focus on yourself, not work, while boosting health and happiness.

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Written by Katherine
Kat is a Content Producer for Memiah and writer for Therapy Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Katherine

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