Using the full moon to cleanse your crystals

An approaching full moon is a perfect opportunity to cleanse your crystals.


Do you have any crystal jewellery or single crystals around the house? Have you ever cleansed them?

It's really important to do this to keep their energy clean and strong, especially when you first buy or are given them, as it is not always possible to know where they have originated from - and they can pick up negative energy from people and their surroundings.

In an ideal world, you would cleanse your crystals daily, particularly if they are jewellery that you wear or stones that you work with regularly. However, it is fine to do it less often and there are many ways you can choose to cleanse them.

Simple methods for cleansing crystals 

One method is to leave your crystals out in the light of the full moon. You can easily find out when the next full moon will be by searching online, or by using a moon calendar. You can gather your crystals in the evening and leave them out to be cleansed and charged overnight in the high-energy moonlight. This can be done with any full moon.

You can also use sunshine for cleansing. But, you need to be careful as some crystals do not do well in the sun, so check before leaving them in the sunlight.

You can bury your crystals and dig them up a day or so later. I have never done this for fear of a squirrel getting to them before me or my forgetting exactly where they are. However, the idea is that they are cleansed in the earth and then reborn when you dig them up.

You can buy an amethyst bed or cluster from a crystal shop and leave your crystals on it to be cleansed, as it clears negative energy and will recharge them.

You can buy a set of tingsha bells and use the ring of the bell to cleanse them. These bells have the prettiest of rings and are good for clearing and cleansing space as well as crystals. The main thing is to clearly set your intention in your head, asking for the stones or the room to be cleansed and cleared of any negative energy.

You can use Reiki energy to cleanse them and even if you are not trained in Reiki, you can simply hold the crystals between both hands, close your eyes and say out loud or in your head:

“I call a rain shower of divine healing light to cleanse these crystals, right now.”

(Picture particles of white light washing down through the crystals like a shower of rain, clearing away any negative or unwanted energies, washing them deep into mother earth, where they will be absorbed, cleansed and returned to source.)

Take a large deep breath, then say out loud, or in your head:

“I now draw healing white light into these crystals, to charge them with their natural healing abilities and to help them work with me on my life journey and in my day to day life.”

At this point you will likely feel the energy from the crystals begin to gently buzz in your hands, however, it doesn’t matter if you don’t. It can take time to tune into them, although some people find it comes very quickly. If you choose, you can end the ritual by saying:

“Thank you dear crystals for working with me, I send you love, light and gratitude.”

Any of these methods are effective as long as the intention is clear that you are asking for the crystals to be cleansed and recharged. Do what feels right for you.

Your crystals will start to flourish with regular cleansing and you will feel your relationship with them build. You will be allowing these ancient and powerful stones to work to their optimum and to heal and protect you through your daily life.

Happy cleansing!

For any questions on crystals and crystal healing, feel free to message me via my Therapy Directory profile.

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Written by B-j Raben, Sophiero Healing
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