Reiki and compassion

When we feel compassion, we find it compels us to reach out to all things, including humans who we call our enemies. Those people who we find upset us or hurt us, are they finding life difficult? Are they doing violent and hurtful things because of their situation? Perhaps they cannot find happiness, so should we think of them in a compassionate way? I think so. Because if we don’t, we become like them and see life in a non-compassionate way. We might also be unhappy and a prisoner in our own being. Do we have the right to judge?


What does it mean to feel compassion? 

When we think like this, it’s time to think of deep breathing. Within the system of Reiki, this is called Joshin Koku Ho. To breathe deeply enables us to be free, and gives us a sense of being in the present moment. It gives our hearts a chance to connect and just 'be', feeling the love within us.

There is a song/poem from Brother Chan Phap which is so relevant.
"Breathing in, I go back
to my Island within myself.
There are beautiful trees within the Island. 
There are clear streams of water.
There are birds, sunshine and fresh air.
Breathing out I feel safe."
We are privileged to be on this earth, with our roots firmly grounding us, just like plants and trees. Without roots, we will not grow, we will not exist. We need to grow but we also need to grow with respect and compassion, kindness, and peace, stillness and silence.
We need to slow down and wake up, accept that life is a challenge. Silence is a window, stillness is a door, life goes on, and impermanence is deep within us.
We need to really feel compassion and understand that, when we feel it, we are true to ourselves, without fear or pressure.

How can Reiki help us feel compassion? 

Practising Reiki will bring us home, deep within, enjoying our island in lightness and freedom.
Mikao Usui’s teachings live on. We learn all the time, we never stop learning, how great and amazing is that? Reiki is the five elements without which we would not survive:

  • air to breathe
  • water to hydrate
  • fire to keep us warm
  • Earth to keep us grounded
  • spirit to guide us

We are at 'one' with the universe and all things – there is no separation. We unite and connect. This we do within. Compassion is our greatest gift and it is free.
We like to think we can heal – healing is within – and we must all take responsibility for ourselves. So often a client will say, "Please will you heal me" instead of saying "I need a tool (Reiki) to help me."

It is easy to think we are the 'agent', for want of a better word, that will heal a person – what power and ego that entails! We are Reiki, we are compassionate, and we try to be kind and peaceful.

By truly practising without ego, without power, we become united and connected to all things. We don't need to think this. We need to feel it. Compassion is the feeling, without judgement or anything else. 

I'm often asked as a teacher to help students 'feel'. I can't do that, only they can. 'Feeling' is 'hibiki' in Japanese, which means you can't touch it, like a shadow or an echo. Sometimes it can be difficult to express this, again we need to 'let go' and let the feeling come naturally. Only then can we understand.

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Corsham SN13
Written by Jenny Newman, Connect With Reiki Reiki master/Teacher
Corsham SN13

Jenny Newman is a graduate teacher of the International House of Reiki and has been teaching for 25 years. Jenny continues to study every year with her teacher Frans Steine, and through this study and research, she has gone to a very deep level within the system of Reiki, teaching the ancient and traditional Japanese perspective.

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