Developing self-trust

Me again! I feel blessed to be able to connect with you and share my experiences in self-development through the guise of therapy and therapeutic services. I say this with confidence because I know where I have come from, and to see where I am now... Wow, I am grateful.


But how did I get here? How did I get to a place of confidence within myself and the strength to be unapologetic about it? I put it down to a few key factors. One of which is at the top, trust.

The power of self-trust

I have experienced life without it. I have discovered trust and watched it grow. And in doing so, I live in full faith that it is the lynchpin that holds me together.

Self-trust, like most of our personal growth, cannot come from outside of ourselves. It is something that we cultivate within us. But what makes us rely on our self-trust when there is no manual for life? How do successful people all over the world manage to trust the thoughts in their heads to make such huge decisions about their life, business, the world? Now as I said, we do need to grow this ability from within but I feel it comes from believing in something bigger than ourselves. A force that is always guiding us. 

How we do that is by trusting in something bigger than ourselves, and realising that this is within us, it is us.

In order for us to let go of control, we need to rely on a bigger source to support us. Something that we can call upon whenever we are in struggle, uncertainty, or at a crossroads. When we allow ourselves to lean on this higher power, we allow the stresses and strains of daily life to wash away, because we know there is a purpose greater than our own that is guiding us.

Don’t believe me? Look back in your memory bank and think of the last time you let go and went with your feeling. Was it a good experience, and did you learn something valuable from it? Now, let’s circle back to how we find that trust. What if I told you that it was already here? That you don’t need to go looking for it, and not just that, but that it’s ready to be utilised?

How to develop self-trust

Developing self-trust is easier than you think. All you have to do is ask yourself, in a moment of connection and stillness, how do I feel about this? Your body will tell you (as explained in a previous article Getting to know yourself better’). This process though goes a little deeper. The difference between learning to connect and trusting in that is slightly further down the path. Let me explain.

When I first discovered that my sensitivity was a gift, a talent, that could be used to fulfil a much-needed urge to find my place, I delved into what this could mean in terms of my accomplishments, what I could achieve and how my life could ultimately change from limited to unlimited. As I learned about my body through energy work and deciphered these puzzles through my years of counselling experience, I started to see a pattern. Every time I tried to control an outcome, I automatically blocked it in the process. I was so ‘in my head’ about all these new possibilities that I couldn’t see I was missing a vital component to this evolution. I started reading more books and finding people in my industry, and in this, this idea and belief of trust kept coming up. But how was I to cultivate this within myself?

Like anything, we have to simply start. So, I started small with no expectations. I had a decision I had to make about my business. I went through my steps of connecting, I felt what my body was telling me. Then I let go. I let go of the outcome and trusted that whatever was going to happen was what was meant to be. And if not, this was something that I needed to learn in the process.

As it turned out, of course, it all fell into place. I kept using this technique throughout my business that year. When things didn’t go the way I expected, I looked at what I could take from each experience. I started to see that if I really trusted in my truth, then I would be aligned with my path, and where I was headed.

I cannot tell you how many times things have fallen into my lap since I started trusting in something bigger than myself, which is what guides my own self-trust. Synchronicity after synchronicity, flowing from one ‘coincidence’ to another. Yes, life is always in constant movement, but it can definitely move with more ease and grace when you can trust in yourself.

These days, there are so many more distractions and therefore, more opportunities for our own negative bias to come creeping in and plant that seed of doubt. Don’t let it. Be kind to your younger self who had to construct these beliefs and patterns to survive. But know that we are older now and we can move from a place of uncertainty to a place of self-trust in a moment.

Take it from someone who has felt defeated more than once. You can absolutely develop self-trust and create a more abundant life for yourself. All you have to do is let go.

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Farnham, Hampshire, GU10
Written by Emily Hall, Chi - Reiki Master & Accredited Counsellor
Farnham, Hampshire, GU10

Hi, I'm Emily, a Counsellor and Reiki Master with 10 years experience supporting people with a focus on self-love. Through my energy work, a safe and supportive environment I empower you to live your authentic life with more self-love and awareness.

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