Corporate massage - making a difference

10 to 15 minutes. You could spend that winding your way down stuffy underground tunnels from street to the platform, or squinting at the cancellation board with a sinking feeling, knowing that time is wasting away.


Or, you could lose track of time and space, and be aware only of warm hands pushing and squeezing your aching muscles, lifting and rolling away the stresses of the working day. Time is immeasurable, inconsequential - you deserve this, you have worked your socks off, sacrificed rest and play on a daily basis for months. No Mars Bar is going to put this right!

Working as a Corporate Massage Therapist is an opportunity to concentrate your skills, both practical and advisory. Typical opportunities to change someone's well-being include postural advice, reminders on the effects of dehydration and excess caffeine intake, but uniquely individual issues come up too. Symptoms of high blood pressure, stomach and gut disturbances, even Diabetes can be recognised by the focused ear of the therapist.

It is a privilege to treat folk, in any setting, but when you are invited into the workplace, you are keeping the engine of industry in tip top condition, making a difference and changing the lives of those who are considered healthy.

The fact is that these days work takes a toll, no one has an easy ride, and health education with practical hands on stress relief, call it what you will, is now essential to good practice as an employer. Staff retention, morale, creativity,  and company reputation thrive on a little in-house, on-site maintenance. And ten minutes could make the difference.

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All therapists are verified professionals