Christmas synergy

The spiritual dimension of essential oils is well known and has been used by people throughout recorded history. Indeed, from the earliest times it is clear that people have been using essential oils – or the materials they are extracted from – in prayer, meditation, ritual, purification, and celebration.” Susan Worwood.

Christmas brings to us a unique moment, still mesmerising people, memories and a sense of family, a special time where we stop for one day to celebrate. Maybe the true meaning of Christmas celebration has disappeared, remaining is just the time that we exchange presents and eat special dishes. 

No matter what Christmas brings to you: a sense of union, sadness, joy, it is time to experience our spirituality side, so important. We must don't forget that we are a physical/mental/emotion/spiritual complex.

Essential oils seem to have the ability to work on all four aspects at the same time, in some cases, or at least act as links between aspects of the self bringing the whole into balance – “Wholeness”.

Aromatherapy has been able to help us to experience the spiritual aspect, in rituals and celebrations, mainly when we mix many scents.

This subject is so huge that I could write more and more, but for today, I have a special a special mixture using essential oils to let our home ready for Christmas.

Spray mist for Christmas holiday

  • 100ml cereal alcohol.
  • 1 spray glass bottle of 100 ml - amber or dark blue colour as ideal.
  • 20 drops of pine essential oil.
  • 3 drops of cinnamon essential oil.
  • 10 drops of lemongrass essential oil.
  • 3 drops of ginger or cardamom essential oil.
  • 40 drops bergamot or orange essential oil.

To place altogether it's good to use a glass recipient and to mix the ingredients use preferential a metallic spoon or a glass stick, never use plastic. Plastic can change the final product.

Now, I would like to explain why this synergy is so special.

  • Pine essential oil (pinus sylvestris) showed to be a very good stimulate for forgiveness, acting as a helper to release resentments, bitterness inside our heart, acting as a cleanser, preparing our heart to this time so special.
  • Cinnamon essential oil (cinnamomum zeylancium) – acting as a stimulant, helping to bring people together, rescuing welcoming, and also can help with maternal issues. Bringing warm to our home.
  • Lemongrass essential oil (cymbogon flexuosus) – very good to children, bringing focus and confidence to them.
  • Ginger essential oil (zingiberaceae officinale) or cardamom essential oil (elettaria cardamomum maton) - both have the characteristic to intensify other scents. Also good to bring gratitude to the atmosphere. Helping us to look back, realising how good this year was and how blessed we are. Bad things and good things is part of life and can help us to grow as a human beings.
  • Bergamot essential oil (citrus aurantium ssp beramia) or orange essential oil (citrus aurantium) – citric essential oils in general are good to deal with sadness, unhappiness, bringing happiness and enthusiasm for our day.

There are 40 drops of citrus essential oils because they are top notes and they evaporate very quickly. Having the ability to open the space bringing happiness and joy to welcome pine, cinnamon, lemongrass and ginger/cardamom.

If you cannot find cereal alcohol, you can mix 50 ml of vodka with 50 ml of still water to obtain the same results.

I wish you a wonderful happy Christmas!

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Sutton-in-Ashfield, NG17
Written by Solange Carneiro, CNHC, BFRP
Sutton-in-Ashfield, NG17

Sol Carneiro is Reiki master and an experienced teacher and practitioner of the usui shiki ryoho for more than 17 years. She is fully qualified and registered practitioner (bach flower and florais de saint germain) and aromatherapist. Member of The Reiki Association (TRA) and verified by Reiki Council.

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