Best hay fever tips you will read this year!

This time of year can be a nightmare for summer allergy sufferers!

Summer allergies

Hay fever, also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, is probably the most widely recognised allergy. Symptoms include inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose causing sneezing, itching, runny nose, watering eyes and nasal congestion. It usually develops before the age of 30 and women are more prone to develop it than men.

An allergen is a substance that produces a reaction in susceptible individuals. It is basically an exaggerated response of the immune system to substances such as grass or tree pollen, spores from moulds, house dust, mites or animal dander (dead skin or fur that has been shed by animals). In a more holistic context an allergy leads to a disturbance in the natural flow of the body's energies and meridians to even a small exposure to an allergen.

It is often not known why some people have a predisposition to be allergic but in some people it can be genetic, severe virus infections can cause damage to the immune system making the individual more likely to develop allergies in the future. Excessive cleaning can also cause the body to be more susceptible to allergies as the T-helper cells in the immune system which recognise foreign antigens become less active. Pollutants such as exhaust fumes aggravate the immune system too.

The Holistic approach to treatment of Summer Allergies

The symptoms of Hayfever are attributable to a substance called histamine which is released by the body in response to allergic reactions. The release of histamine in the body can be dampened by using a range of substances which are found naturally including Vitamin C, bromelain, which is an enzyme found naturally in raw pineapple, nettle and the plant compound quercetin months before the pollen season for maximum effect.

-Quercetin and Nettle Complex (

So how can we aid the body in response to summer allergies?

Boosting the immune system is a great way to help give the body a kick start. Nutrients and supplements that help the immune system such as a good multi vitamin and mineral (preferably organic) can help. So why look for organic supplements? Well bioavailability is a big part. Bioavailability is generally seen as how or when the supplement is ingested in the body as well as some constituents being more easily absorbed than others. As well as this organic supplements will not contain nasty fillers like talc.

Supplements such as Vitamins A, C and E are all antioxidants which can act as a natural antihistamine to control a streaming nose or unblock a congested one.

Plenty of citrus fruits, again organic, can help as bioflavonoids that are found in the rind and pulp of citrus fruits help vitamin C to work.

- Super Antioxidant Boost (

Next time: What can I do once I have hay fever symptoms?

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