Back pain and Bowen therapy

If you have ever had a bad episode of back pain, you will know exactly how debilitating it can be. It can affect your ability to work, move easily and concentrate. Your mood and even your relationship with others around you can also be affected, and this can have a serious impact on your life.

When this happens to you, the first thing you should do is seek advice from your doctor or health provider. Sometimes this may result in further investigations, such as scans or X-rays to try and determine the exact location of the problem. You may be referred to a physiotherapist or perhaps prescribed strong pain killers.


Unfortunately, sometimes the problem becomes a chronic one over time and the episodes of pain and inflammation will flare up intermittently. This is often the time when people will start to seek out and try and resolve the problem with complementary and holistic therapies, like the Bowen technique

What is Bowen therapy?

Bowen therapy is a very gentle treatment, which involves gentle moves that are made on the skin (fascial layer) over specific muscles and tendons around the body. It is often a very relaxing treatment as the muscles will start to relax immediately. 

Although it is best known for resolving back conditions, there are a number of conditions in which the Bowen technique is said to be helpful. Bowen therapy can be used for many muscular-skeletal issues, such as knee and hip problems, as the therapy treats the whole body as well as concentrating on certain areas.

Although it feels a very gentle treatment, the effects of Bowen can be very powerful on the body.

Usually, three treatments are done initially, with a continuous weekly review of how the body is responding to treatment.

During this time, as the body receives the Bowen therapy, it can show some unusual changes. The condition and associated symptoms can sometimes temporarily get worse, or the pain may move about and, sometimes, very old injuries may start to twinge. These are all signs that the treatment is starting to affect the body and should not be seen as negative.

Most people will show improvement in their condition after this time. But, some may need further treatments or wish to continue with regular 'maintenance' every few weeks or months.

During treatment, suggestions may be made about lifestyle changes to help to improve the general condition of the body to assist with healing. Exercises may also be suggested to help improve the mobility of joints. It will be advised to drink lots of water and keep the body permanently fully hydrated throughout.

Bowen technique is a suitable treatment for all and can be a solution to long-standing muscular-skeletal problems that have previously not responded to other treatments.

Find out more about Bowen therapy or find a verified Bowen therapist in your local area today. With over 50 Bowen professionals to choose from, you can find find the right holistic practitioner to suit all of your well-being needs.

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All therapists are verified professionals