What is distance Bowen?

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, clients often requested Bowen Therapy to address long-term, chronic conditions. Clients typically expressed their wish to resolve their condition without being reliant on conventional medicines, due to their potential side effects.


They had often tried a range of complementary therapies, with varying degrees of success, but now wished to experience Bowen Therapy - usually on a friend’s recommendation due to its effectiveness.

Bowen can help a wide range of age-groups, but because it is so gentle and can be undertaken through light-fitting clothing, it is ideally suited to older clients.  

With respect to the type of conditions people present with, this varies considerably. Back issues are the most common but people also present with a wide range of skeletal issues (such as neck, shoulder, hip, or knee problems), as well as non-skeletal issues (such as migraines, dizziness, breathing issues, or digestive issues).

I have also treated clients with conditions such as fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, and strokes. It appears that Bowen Therapy works well with conditions related to the nervous system.

How can you benefit from Bowen Therapy without the risk of Coronavirus transmission?

‘Distance Bowen’ is experienced from the security of your home, without the need for any direct contact with a therapist, thereby avoiding any risk of coronavirus transmission whatsoever.

The distance between the therapist and client is unimportant - it could be 100 metres, 100 miles or more. From a therapists’ perspective, this is an opportunity to treat anyone on the planet, rather than their local area.

Distance Bowen can help to address the following concerns related to working in a clinic environment:

  • Will clients wish to come to a clinic to be treated in a small confined area?  Especially in winter when opening windows is not conducive to a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Are therapists willing to expose themselves to the risk of Coronavirus transmission from treating numerous clients?
  • Do masks and visas or shields add to the overall experience of treatment sessions? 

Bowen therapists who have used this form of ‘distance’ treatment report positive outcomes. But why this form of treatment is successful cannot currently be fully explained. Although, we must ask, is this important? Surely what is more important is that treatment appears to work and the client experiences some benefit.

What is the difference between distance Bowen and a normal Bowen Therapy session?

Both forms of treatment require a detailed consultation prior to treatment. The consultation process is slightly more protracted with distance Bowen due to the need for the client to review the recorded consultation notes and sign a consent form for the actual treatment to occur. This is an insurance policy requirement.

In the clinic, gentle rolling moves are made of precise muscles and tendons. However, with distance Bowen, I make such moves on a mental image of the client. I imagine individual muscles responding to each ‘air-move’ I make.

At the appointed treatment time, I ring clients to discuss their current situation and then ask them to lie (or sit) in a safe, quiet environment and inform them that I will commence the treatment in a few minutes time.

The distance Bowen treatment lasts approximately half an hour. I then phone to enquire as to any sensations they felt during the session. It is common for people to experience a wide range of feelings – sometimes tingling, warmth, etc.

The post-treatment protocol involves asking the client to keep well hydrated during the coming week, avoid a bath or shower immediately after the treatment and, in most cases, undertake gentle exercise, such as walking wherever possible. A week later, I ring clients to obtain feedback on any improvement.

Please note: I do not ask for an initial payment. I simply ask clients for payment if they consider a benefit has occurred over the week since treatment occurred – if they consider  ‘no betterment’, then ‘no fee’. I can offer this form of financial arrangement because I find the treatment so highly successful.

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All therapists are verified professionals