Mindfulness group

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Open to all
The Wallsend Masonic Hall Co Ltd, Hugh Street, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, NE28 6RL

Your body is here, is your mind?

Mindfulness group ran monthly on a Sunday. The first one is 16th June for 45 minutes followed by the 14th July. No experience required.

Booking is essential - contact me to book and pay before attending. 

Do you want to find peace in your mind? Calm strong emotions? Learn to Live?

Mindfulness is a skill for life. It is a way of finding peace and clarity. A way of calming the mind and thoughts and being in the moment.

We start with a welcome and gratitude to share as a group. We talk about the topic for that week. We do a meditation and reflection. Sharing ideas and exploring our thoughts. We practise mindfulness skills. Learn to be present and accept. We look at various emotions each week and how we can apply mindfulness to it.

  • Mindfulness for anxiety.
  • Mindfulness for depression.
  • Mindfulness for overthinking.
  • Mindfulness for strong emotions.

and many more...

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Hosted by Deborah Buxton

Deborah is a Mindfulness facilitator. With 18 years of experience she has a gentle and relaxed way of guiding people often in their dark moments, to explore another way of seeing things, another way of living, another way of moving with difficulties. Creating a space to explore challenges and learn and grow!

Hosted by Deborah Buxton