Five ways to instant peace and happiness

They say happiness comes from within, but when was the last time you looked inward to find peace and contentment?

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If your sense of fulfilment comes mainly from others, it is likely you feel stressed and discontent on a regular basis. You may often find yourself saying: “I will be happy when… I get a new job/lose weight/ find a partner, etc”, but basing your happiness on other sources can lead to disappointment.

Ultimately, becoming a healthier, happier and more peaceful version of yourself relies on opening up to your inner being and discovering what truly matters to you.

So here’s a little guide to help you do just that:

Keep negativity out

A lot of unhappiness comes from how other people make us feel, so in order to feel more content in who you are, try not to internalise any negativity from others. Any negativity people have towards you has absolutely nothing to do with you – it is simply that person trying to work through his or her own problems. Stay focused on who you are and you will learn to rise above it. 

Find a type of movement you love and commit to it 

Exercise should empower your mind and body, so rather than focusing on going to the gym five times a week, find an activity that you love and do it regularly. Movement allows us to connect with our bodies and is therapy for the soul, so whether you try yoga, go dancing or make an effort to walk more, you will be making a real difference to your happiness and well-being.

Open up and share how you truly feel

Keeping things bottled up can lead to stress and anxiety, so you should really try to open up to friends and family when you feel down about something. Rather than worrying about what people may think, take the view that everyone has their own struggles and sharing problems can actually help others to feel better as well as yourself. You may feel vulnerable at first, but your honesty will set you free.

Remember the good when you feel like a failure

There will be times when you feel like you have failed and let yourself or others down, but it is important not to dwell on this. Recognising failure is just a feeling that will pass is crucial, and this can be done effectively by recalling all the amazing things you have accomplished, contributed to and made happen. You are capable of so much, so don’t let one thing ruin your optimism. 

Let go of painful energy

Forgiveness can be hard but a grudge will leave you feeling stuck and unable to move forward. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you agree or have given in – it means you are willing to accept what happened and move forward. For example, if you have let yourself down by falling off the diet wagon, find the courage to forgive yourself and start again with a fresh mindset. Only this will help you to make those positive changes you truly desire.

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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