Simple, natural ways to manage pain

Lifestyle choices and longer life expectancy means pain is a common problem these days, but for some it is a daily challenge and can significantly impact on quality of life.

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Common aches and pains tend to occur in the back, neck, hip, shoulder and feet, and health conditions such as arthritis are often to blame for more complex cases.

While there are medical treatments available to help alleviate symptoms and enable people to better manage their aches and pains, learning to cope mentally and physically may require additional self-help remedies and techniques.

Below we explore some of the simple, natural ways to manage pain at home:

Vitamin B12 supplements 

Back pain is often linked to an inflammation of the nerves, which signals the brain to register pain. Taking vitamin B12 can help to alleviate back pain by making it possible for the body to develop a protective coating around sensitive nerves. Only 1-2mg a day is need to help reduce the inflammation.

Indian frankincense 

Also know as Boswelia extract, India frankincense is a herbal remedy used to relive joint pain by combatting cartilage damage. This is a relatively common type of injury that can cause pain and swelling mainly in the knee joints. Indian frankincense – a gum resin from the bark of the Boswelia tree – has strong anti-inflammatory properties, but a concentration of 40% is needed to enjoy the benefits.

Powdered ginger 

Ginger has a number of benefits, but is thought to be particularly beneficial for reducing inflammation at sites of joint pain. A University of Miami study even found that in the future ginger could be a substitute for anti-inflammatory drugs. Add a spoonful of the spice to your coffee or to some hot water and drink for seven days to relieve pain. Alternatively you can take ginger in capsule format.

Self-massage techniques 

Massage is a popular complementary therapy treatment for pain relief, and learning self-help techniques can help you to better manage your pain at home. Making an appointment with a massage therapist will help you to pinpoint areas where you can apply pressure and rolling movements to promote pain relief. The treatment will provide a better understanding of your aches and pains and you will feel much better emotionally as well as physically.

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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