The DIY massage

The DIY massageIf the stress and strain of the daily grind has left you feeling like you need a jolly good massage, try out the simple DIY techniques below to relieve the tension:

The neck massage

If you commute to work and then spend your working day at a desk then you will know all too well the feeling of muscle stiffness.

To ease neck and shoulder pain, try the technique below:

  1. Reach your right hand across your chest so that your palm is resting on your left shoulder.
  2. Press your fingers into your back and the knuckle of your thumb against the neck muscle.
  3. Gently rotate your head and neck, pressing the knuckle into the neck muscle.
  4. Keeping your hand in the same position, press into your back muscle (between the shoulder blade and spine) with the tips of your fingers and rotate your left shoulder blade.
  5. Switch arms and repeat.

The foot massage

Being on your feet for long periods can mean that by the end of the day your feet are aching. Whilst specialist supportive footwear is now plentiful, there is nothing quite like a relaxing foot rub. If there is no one around jumping at the chance to rub your feet back to good health, ­don’t worry – you can do it yourself with the help of a ­tennis ball (a golf ball or cricket ball would also work):

  1. Kick off your shoes!
  2. Place the ball on the floor and either stand or sit in front of it.
  3. Roll your right foot backwards and forwards slowly on top of the ball.
  4. Start to apply pressure until you feel a slight pull (it shouldn’t be painful), then roll your foot from side to side.
  5. Position your heel on top of the ball and make circular motions.
  6. Lastly, cross your leg over your left ankle and roll it up and down the arch of your foot.
  7. Repeat with the other foot.

If you feel that you are beyond the help of self-massage, why not treat yourself to a luxury massage carried out by a professional? For information about the various different types, see our Massage Therapy fact-sheet to find out more.

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Written by Emma Hilton
Written by Emma Hilton
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