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Elizabeth Chanter

Advanced Golden Way Reiki Master &Teacher - Honour Being
Calne, Wiltshire, SN11
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About me


My name is Elizabeth and I'm an experienced Advanced Golden Way Reiki Master, Teacher and Healer, and also an Advanced Crystal Reiki & Shamanic Healer.

  • I believe in the healing power of love and hope, and of touch, listening and sharing.
  • I believe in the power of transformation and in empowering others.
  • I make no promises. I hold no magic wand or pill.

What I offer to you is an invitation to begin a journey of a different and hope-filled kind.

Are the old ways of doing things no longer working for you? Do you need help to transition into this new world? Are you ready to begin your sacred healing journey of healing, empowerment and transformation?

Choose your starting place: Golden Way Reiki, New Life Reiki or Crystal Healing.

Whether you decide to receive In Person Treatments in my calm Healing Room in Calne, or via Distant Healing, Golden Way Reiki gently assists you to put the past to rest, to live joyfully in the present and to create a brighter future.

HONOUR A GENTLE NEW BEGINNING ~ Come for an initial Golden Way Reiki Healing Treatment and experience a lovely, nurturing treatment which will leave you feeling gently refreshed, re-energised and relaxed. The session includes time for us to explore how I can best help you followed by the Reiki Treatment, so that we can plan the best and progressive way forward for you.

Average length for a full session is 90 minutes. Sitting Reiki Treatments are also available (30 mins).

All Treatments conducted in a safe COVID aware environment. All precautions taken to ensure your comfort and safety.

Advanced Attunement & Training Courses now available ~ please enquire.

For full details of all Treatments and Training please go to my website.

Please do not underestimate the powerful healing effects of working via Distant Healing:

"Distant Healing with Elizabeth is amazing. It felt as I was in her Treatment Room. Following her guidance which she sent beforehand, and allowing the time to receive the Reiki was a wonderful powerful and positive experience, and one I will continue to use.”
(Teresa H, Oxfordshire, May 2020)

“I have received Reiki treatment from Elizabeth over many years… I have found distant healing to be as powerful as any I have received from Elizabeth in person. Her extensive experience and knowledge offered me support and effective healing, in the security of my own surroundings. I highly recommend distance healing with Elizabeth as a way forward in these challenging times.”
(DT - Huddersfield, July 2020)


Golden Way Reiki (Replenish, Re-energise, Restore, Rebalance)

Golden Energy Healing:
Angel Fire One - ReBirth (What is your true heart’s desire?)
Angel Fire Two - Repurpose (Are you following the pathway written for you in the stars?)
Golden Ray One - Rebuild (Are you living in alignment with your soul purpose?)

Golden Way Reiki Attunement and Training: 
Honour Foundation Advanced First Degree
Honour Sacred Journey Advanced Second Degree
One Day Refresher Courses (Inc Reiki Shares)

Crystal Reiki Harmony Treatments:
Beautiful and safe, subtle healing Cycles for those drawn to Crystal Energies, or who need to become more earthed and embodied in this challenging world. Provides a powerful deepening of your whole energy field.

New Life Reiki Treatments:
Our well-being and happiness is deeply connected to that of our children, and to our ability to have children. I offer a range of special Honour Life Reiki & Reflexology Treatments to assist with healing issues underlying birth trauma, the loss of a baby or difficulty in conceiving and to enhance a happy and healthy pregnancy for mum and baby (and dad!).

Crystal Reiki Compassion Treatments:
Especially valuable for releasing deeply held grief or loss, as in connection to birth trauma, miscarriage, termination and loss of a child 

Shamanic Elemental Reiki Treatments (including Soul Retrieval):
A cycle of Elemental Healing re-balances the interplay of elements within you: Open, Still, Centre, Release, Revitalise

Shamanic Place Healing


1. Honour Being Sacred Meditations: Created Especially For You By Elizabeth

01 - The Sunshine Smile
02 - Sacred Whale Song
03 - Will of Grace

The Tranquillity Sacred Meditation Series ~ download from my website.

2. Honour Being Mandala Artwork

3. Sacred Path Wisdom Readings

4. Honour Being Gift Vouchers Available

Training, qualifications & experience

I am an Advanced Golden Way Reiki Master Practitioner, Healer & Teacher, a Shamanic Reiki and Advanced Crystal Reiki Healer and Reflexologist.

All my Reiki and Shamanic training has been undertaken with The Usui School of Natural Healing and I am attuned to Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki, Advanced Golden Frequencies, as well as to The Crystal Frequencies. I have completed the training courses below. The Attunement and Training I receive is on-going in nature and very intensive. It is a requirement of this training that the Reiki Practitioner/Master themselves is actively engaged with their own journey towards healing and wholeness. We cannot work in healing with others to a level greater than the one we have achieved.

I am in ongoing and Advanced Training with my Beyond Reiki Paramount Grand Master.

- Golden Way Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher (2013)
- Advanced Golden Ray One & Two
- Advanced Angel Fire One & Two
- Advanced Runic Ray One & Two
- Crystal Gem Healing
- The Crystal Path
- The Crystal Journey
- The Crystal Foundation
- Pathshaper 11 - Directional Shield Healer
- Pathshaper 1 - Directions and Elements
- Pathfinder - Directions and Elements
(Advanced Journeyman)
- Digital Journey Second Degree
- Digital Foundation First Degree

Other Training and Qualifications:
2013 - Licenced as Golden Way Reiki Master Practitioner
2013 - Trained in Metamorphic Technique
2010 - Began Attunement and Training in The Usui Tradition of Japanese Reiki
2009 - Specialist fertility training in Reproflexology with Barbara Scott.
2006 - Trained in Reflexology at The Oxford School of Reflexology (incorporating an understanding of Chinese Meridian Therapy.)
2004 – Licenced to practice as a Classical Homeopath (Advanced Diploma) by the highly respected School of Homeopathy.

Registered and Insured through:
The Complementary Therapists Association
And Part of the Usui School of Natural Healing

Therapies offered

Other available therapies

1. Advanced Stone, Crystal & Gem Reiki Treatments

2. Sacred Guided Meditations to download

3. Honour Being Mandala Artwork

4. Soul Retrieval

5. Sacred Path Wisdom Readings

Photos & videos


From £55.00 to £150.00

Additional information

Short Sitting Treatments - from £55 per session, without consultation
Full Treatments - from £90, including consultation


Monday to Saturday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

Further information

I do not "do Reiki", as it is commonly known, but offer a structured and progressive pathway of transformational healing, personal development, and spiritual evolution and advancement known as The Shamanic Golden Reiki Way, which can be tailored specifically for you.

I offer a range of beautiful Reiki Treatments (both with and without Crystals) to replenish, heal, re-energise and restore you. I also offer Attunement and Training, and can teach you how to give Golden Way Reiki to yourself. I can also enable you to offer Reiki to others as part of Professional Practice.

I believe in the importance and power of hope, and in the healing power of listening and touch. I have a gentle approach to wellbeing, offering an alternative and complementary way for families and individuals to enhance their health and happiness. I assist clients to find physical ease, gentle emotional release, renewed energy, improved immunity, peace of mind, realise a dream or enhance spiritual evolution.

Our Children are Our Future: Creating OptiMums, OptiDads and OptiBabes... 

I am especially passionate about helping families… and in releasing the blocks that can sometimes affect fertility, prevent conception and full term healthy pregnancy, labour, birth and happy babies. Ask about my New Life Reiki Treatment Cycles or find them on my website.

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.


Type of session

In person

Types of client

Young people
Older adults


Elizabeth Chanter

Elizabeth Chanter