Honour foundation first attunement and training: Return to joy

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22nd - 23rd June 2024, 10.00am - 5.00pm
Open to all
£530 (Deposit to secure your place: £265)
69 Shelburne Road, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 8ET

Healing for the wounded feminine. Return to presence, stability and joy: the unfolding rose. 

Honour foundation first degree advanced attunement and training is dedicated to your personal healing and teaches you how to give Reiki to yourself. These are attunements, which attune through all of your subtle ten energy centres down to and below your feet (magenta energy centre/chakra).

This begins the repair to your personal root connection to the Earth, to the elemental structure of your Being. It re-connects you to the Ruby Ray. These attunements bring gentle, yet profound healing to your relationship to your body (the house of your indwelling spirit), your ability to receive and be nurtured, to the mother within and to the sacred feminine aspect of your being.  

Supported by your individual rose essence presence, you will learn how to give Reiki to yourself, drawing clean, stable, infinite, powerful healing energies from deep within the Earth. This encourages presence, stability and joy. This is a lovely weekend to consider as part of your self-evolution and is of special benefit if you carry wounding or mistrust of the feminine. This may manifest in issues around mothering, motherhood, birth trauma or your ability to receive, to conceive and to be nurtured.

Honour foundation first provides new deep roots to support your life and broadens your connection to the nurturing principle of life, as well as to the spirit. This powerful course is open to all, regardless of gender, as every individual is a composite of feminine and masculine energies. Men may carry wounding to their feminine just as deeply as women.

Attunement ceremonies:

There are four full attunement ceremonies, two on each day. These primary attunement ceremonies initiate a clearing and cleansing cycle which will renew your body and allow your emotional well-being to grow.

Another word for attunement is initiation.

Teaching takes place through visualisation, meditation, images, music, spoken word and with reference to ancient wisdom. Each part of the weekend is a preparation for the specific attunement which follows, intended to maximise the receptivity of the individual candidate to the ceremony which is conducted by my higher self in cooperation with your higher self.

Groups are small to enable individual attention, and each group forms with its own special synergy and themes. Confidentiality within the group is absolute.

For those of you who have previously been attuned to “Western Reiki”, this provides advanced first degree attunement to the full ten energy centres and offers you “Reiki with roots”, enabling you to draw beautiful clean, stable, infinite and powerful Reiki from the Earth herself, taking you to a degree above.


“The strength of connection with Golden Way Reiki is superior to any other I have encountered. I first was attuned elsewhere to Reiki 19 years ago and, although a wonderful healing tool, the Attunements I have received from Elizabeth with Golden Way Reiki is something else completely. Highly recommend.” (Emma McDonagh - Cheltenham, Jan 2022)

Upon payment of the deposit, an honour being preparation manual will be sent to you.

A 21-day period of clearing and cleansing begins prior to the foundation weekend, which you can support gently by following the guidance in the preparation manual. The more you prepare for the course, the more you will benefit!

NB: The minimum preparation for an invitation to honour foundation first advanced degree attunement and training course is a cycle of shamanic elemental Reiki healing or crystal Reiki healing.

Please enquire for further details.

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Hosted by Elizabeth Chanter

Elizabeth Chanter is an experienced shamanically trained Reiki Master Practitioner in The Golden Reiki Way, Crystal Reiki Healer, Place Healer and Classical Homeopath.She offers Reiki Treatments and Training, Golden Energy Healing, Crystal Reiki Healing, Shamanic Reiki, Honour New Life Reiki, Soul Retrieval & Sacred Art Workshops (Inner Child Work)

Hosted by Elizabeth Chanter