Why Bowel Cleansing Is Essential When Detoxing

January is traditionally a time when the idea of giving our body a boost is particularly appealing. We are often feeling run down by the overindulgence of Christmas, the lack of sunlight and the winter viruses that are lurking wherever we go.

If you are thinking about starting a detox there are a few principles that you will need to incorporate into your plan. These don’t just apply to January (or weight loss) detoxes, they should be considered whatever plan you choose to follow.

Nowadays there is plenty of information on the subject and some of it is even contradictory so it can be a little confusing to say the least. Ultimately there is not one detox that fits all, it is a personal choice. If you feel that not eating solid food every day is too drastic look for a diet plan which is gluten and sugar free. Often this is all that’s needed to start to feel more energetic, improve skin condition and boost your immune system. Especially if you increase nutrient intake by including fresh vegetable juices, raw nuts, seeds, and bone broth (like the traditional chicken soup).

All cleanses and detoxes share two common principles; reducing energy supply and increasing nutrients. While the former forces the cells to source their energy more from fat the later ensures that the toxins which have subsequently been freed from fat storages are not jamming up in the liver. This would only re-intoxicate the system and be a source of unpleasant side effects. This is, in fact, one of the main reasons a lot of people give up their efforts after only a few days. A healthy cleanse will also ensure that duration and nutrient balance is protecting vital organs and muscle tissues.

One of the main reasons people will suffer undesirable side-effects (like bloating, fatigue, cravings, headaches, nausea, etc.) is because very few manage to have substantial bowel movements during a cleanse. The lack of bulk (especially with juice fasting) will tend to slow transit time, yet they are increasing the rate at which their body needs to eliminate from the liver and through the colon: a paradox that can easily be fixed by having a number of colonic treatments slotted into the detox!

Having a colonic treatment during the beginning, middle and end of your detox could make all the difference. It can help you get the maximum benefits from your cleanse, or you can risk re-absorbing those nasty toxins through bowel stagnation. Herbal laxatives can aid the elimination process it rarely achieves the same results as a colonic, the results they do achieve are normally done by irritation rather than gentle stimulation and washing out. Most people report a deep sense of release and a feeling of lightness after a colonic. Herbal supplements with milk thistle and green tea extract will also help support liver detoxification.

Often a colonic will immediately and effectively alleviate those nasty side effects associated with detox such as headaches, bloating, fatigue, hunger, etc. and it will ensure that the process is carried out to its successful completion.

The rewards from detoxing are many and not just a few pounds lighter. Regular detoxes will help maintain healthy organs and arteries, control chronic inflammation associated many degenerative diseases and prevent excess weight becoming a consequence of aging.

So in brief here are 7 key principles to include for a successful detox

  • Avoid sugar and excessive amounts of fruits

  • Avoid gluten and excessive amounts of grains

  • Choose organic

  • Eat unprocessed and lightly cooked

  • Aim to include a period of 14 hours fast every day by eating your last meal as early as possible and by delaying eating your first meal of the day. This leaves you a period of 10 hours to eat 2 or 3 meals/snacks

  • Support the liver with a good antioxidant or herbal support such as milk thistle

  • Speed up elimination to avoid reabsorbing toxins by having enough healthy fibre and combining a course of colonic hydrotherapy 

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