Using our rhythms and cycles

Men, wisely, choose not to multitask.They focus on the job in hand, give it all their attention in the present moment. There is very little stress involved; instead, creativity, fun and fulfilment.

Multitasking often leaves us feeling fed up and overwhelmed, which can later lead to procrastinating, losing a lot of the gains.

In the 80’s, we were told we could have it all, ‘superwoman’, another badge we wore along with our shoulder pads.  Superwoman, uses a lot of male ‘yang’ energy, trying to compete or keep up with so many different tasks at home and work.

Women are incredible and we can do several things, but one at a time, and linking similar tasks together, retaining energy better. We are different to men, physically, mentally and hormonally. Yet, we continue to think we need to compete with men on their terms. This often leaves us exhausted and this is often our expectation, not theirs.

We live on this mother earth, we are made from her, she provides us with our human needs. She has cycles and rhythms and tries her very best to stay in balance with those, despite human efforts to disregard her in several ways.  We too can live by those rhythms and cycles to have a good, balanced life instead of allowing others to disrupt our rhythms and cycles, because we don’t know we can prosper by living within the laws of our bodies and nature.

When we work within the boundaries of our own energy, we achieve more, we are more loving and happier.  When we women, realise we can work with the rhythms and cycles of life, change happens with this change comes peace, happiness and health, a new paradigm on earth.

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